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Diaz, The Worst Person in New York


Sadly, it’s not like anybody else’s arguments against SSM are much better.

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  • MAJeff

    Greg Ball has been a grandstanding putz as well.

  • Malaclypse

    While your link touches on this, it is worth reading about his granddaughter further. She rocks.

  • Matt Stevens

    But he’s the only member of the Gang of Four that isn’t in jail! That must count for something.

    • Dogbert


      At least this guy has a solid position. He’s not wishy-washy and stands his ground.

      It probably would be in his best political interest to cave in to the pressure. It’s refeshing to see a politician stick to his guns.

  • DrDick

    I do rather love the fact that his own granddaughter has bitch slapped him for this.

  • Joe

    He spends too much time on the wife and ex being employed together. The point to harp on is that he thinks divorce is wrong … does that mean the state shouldn’t allow it? Was he having rallies when NY joined the rest of the country in the last year or so as a no fault state?

    • hv

      Please describe what you see as the upside that the interviewer left on the table by these poor tactical choices of questions.

      • Joe

        I’m not sure what you want me to say. He should have pressed the point that Diaz isn’t so forcefully against divorce laws even though he is morally against it. Instead, he harps on having his ex work for him because it would remind people he’s a sinner or something. If anything, if he it provided his ex with support, it might be a good thing in a sense. Anyway, it takes our mind off the ball.

        • hv

          Undoubtedly, you are describing a way to do things a tiny bit better. But I am not sure there was any tangible cost involved. Would the interview have lasted longer? Gotten better answers? Convinced Diaz to voted for gay marriage?

  • DocAmazing

    h, worst person in the Bronx, maybe; he’s got some competition from Queens in the person of one Judge Joseph Golia:

    • Malaclypse

      Yves Smith is a treasure.

      • jeer9

        Yes, Yves Smith is a must read each day. Econned is excellent as well. Gave up on the young Klein quite a while ago, though she gives his careerist ass a thorough and well-deserved pummeling.

        • Thanks Doc, for posting that. It is both a righteous cause and a very interesting read.

    • John F

      No, the story has many things wrong, Golia in fact reversed the fraudulent sale and gave title back to Sheu.

      The mortgage company Centex lost *its* mortgage, but since they had paid off Sheu’s (and Sheu’s brother’s) mortgage they were given that prior mortgage’s lien instead- Sheu and his brother had taken out the prior mortgage- never made any payments and it was in default and being foreclosed at the time of the allegedly fraudulent sale.

      So the *victim* of the “fraudulent” sale was not Sheu, it was Centex. As the bankruptcy court found in 2009, Sheu had lived continuously in the house for 10+ years without ever paying any mortgage, taxes or insurance.

  • Golia in fact reversed the fraudulent sale

    That is in the story.

    • John F

      What’s left out is the important part.

      Essentially Sheu “sold” the house to his brother, who financed that purchase with a mortgage, a couple years later, a foreclosure action was commenced (BTW foreclosure takes longer in NY than most states- it’s not like Texas where a bank can have someone out on the street merely weeks after default, in NY the time from default to foreclosure sale was typically 18 months or so- now it’s even longer due to new regulatory laws)- in the midst of that foreclosure process, the house gets sold to a person Sheu later claims didn’t exist- that *fictitious* individual took out a mortgage with Centex and bought the house from Sheu’s brother (who later claimed someone forged his name on a power of attorney). Centex paid off the prior mortgage, which stopped that foreclosure action.

      Neither Sheu nor his brother ever made payments on the Centex mortgage- so that went into default, and surprise surprise Centex started foreclosure- at which point, Sheu’s brother said, “I never signed that Power of attorney” and Sheu said, hey that buyer doesn’t even exist, who is she? I live here!!!

      Think about that, some anonymous stranger, buy’s Sheu’s house, pays off his mortgage in the process and disappears.

      The “equitable mortgage” given by the judge to Centex essentially acted as an assignment of that first mortgage to Centex- essentially it found that Centex had been fraudulently induced into paying off Sheu’s earlier mortgage.

      Sheu and his brother weren’t quite done yet- with title restored to his brother, they then transferred it to Sheu, who then transferred it to a corporation started by Sheu, which then transferred it to another corporation… Sheu also sued Centex, the City of New York, and several other individuals and entities.

      There is nothing remarkable or novel with respect to the equitable mortgage given to Centex in this case. If someone is fraudulently induced into paying off someone else’s mortgage you can get one.

      • I look forward to the article explaining that.

      • hv

        Your explanation leaves out how staging his own death figures in.

        • Malaclypse

          That was the fiendishly clever part of the plan.

        • John F

          There’s as much evidence that he was murdered as their is that Cameron Todd Willingham was an arsonist

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