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An Almost Perfect Record


Can we get Kristol to predict that the Canucks will win the Stanley Cup and the Yankess will win the World Series?

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  • Ben

    To be fair, Kristol did predict that Sarah Palin would quit her governorship and elevate herself to America’s Babbling Id, didn’t he?

  • c u n d gulag

    A few years ago, William “Wrong Again!” Krisol was a guest on John Stewart’s “The Daily Show.”
    As he came out and sat down, Stewart said to him, “Have you ever been right about anything?”

    He kind of ‘Kramered’ Kristol long before he ‘Kramered’ Kramer.

    We’re a nation obsessed with sports, so why don’t we have a won/lost/tie/undecided record by every columnist’s piece?
    And yeah, I’ve heard of Media Matters and other groups. But I want it right there next to their columns.

    Readers could then weed out the propagandistic hacks like Kristol from the knowledgable columnists like Krugman.
    There’s nothing wrong with being wrong – unless you’re rarely right!

    Oh, yeah, never mind.
    There are a shitload more propagandistic hacks than there are columnists writing about genuine concerns.
    The ranks of the unemployed would be increased by these rank propagandists.

    Imagine how lonely it would be to work at the WaPo or WSJ if the propagandistic hacks were given pink slips?
    Aisles wouldn’t need security at FOX, because the studio’s would be as empty as the heads of their unemployed yappers.
    Roger’d be gone himself.

    • patrick II

      Some college students did that list a few months ago. The reviewed predictions made by columnists in newspaper columns and compared them with actual events. I did not keep a link, but I believe there might have been a post about it here at LGM. If I remember correctly, and to no one’s surprise here at LGM, Paul Krugman came out at the top of the list as most accurate, and William Kristol at the bottom.

      • A Random Lurker Temporarily Decloaked

        I believe you’re talking about this. Kristol wasn’t in it, but Krugman was at the top.

  • You need to correct that to “Bruins.” Malhotra and Raffi Torres!

  • R. Johnston

    The fact that Republicans haven’t figured out that for the cost of slippping him a fiver you could get Bill Kristol to predict a Democratic landslide in the next election points out exactly how stupid the Republican party is.

  • Warren Terra

    There’s that old gag (Yogi Berra, sounds like?) that “Prediction is hard, especially about the future”. But the Republicans’ tolerance for someone who finds it especially hard may have to do with a problem that Republicans seem to have with predictions about the past. The simple fact is that the Republicans live in a fantasy world where history is what it really ought to have been, not one where the cold facts matter. We saw this with our own troll “Reality Check” in the Worst Presidents thread – all of a sudden, Carter was responsible for an OPEC boycott that began almost four years before he took office, was blamed for a situation in Iran that began more than thirty years before he took office, and was wildly misportrayed as being weak in the face of the Soviet threat. And, of course, Reagan Can Do No Wrong.

    Given the way that the Republicans prefer falsities about the past to what actually happened, is it any wonder that they embrace Kristol’s fallacious notions about the future?

    • efgoldman

      Channels Emily Latella…
      What’s all this I hear about Republicans preferring falsies?
      I’m sure they supported Dow in the silicon implant lawsuites, too…
      What? Oh. Never mind.

  • Henry Holland

    I want to see the Canucks win tomorrow because I’ve been a fan since ca. 1973 and

    a) It will make up a teeny-tiny bit for 1994
    b) My ca. 38 years of loyalty will finally have been rewarded when I could easily have been like an NFL fan who becomes a Cowboys or Steelers fan
    c) I want to see Scott totally ignore the occasion

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