Month: June 2011

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Despite Andrew Cuomo’s admirable push for gay marriage, he is a horrible governor. As a “Democrat,” Cuomo has declared war on unions, on the environment, and on everything Democrats theoretically stand for, outside of gay marriage. And again, while his stance on that single issue is to his significant benefit, Cuomo is atrocious. After his […]

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On June 29, 2011

Whether it’s based on racist condescension or some other form of ignorance, the idea that Thomas is Scalia’s sockpuppet was always wrong in an offensive way, and is becoming more obviously

Ezra: Let’s agree that what matters isn’t how many jobs you “get caught trying” to create, but how many jobs you actually create. There’s virtually no evidence that if Obama makes more speeches on jobs, his poll numbers will go up or the labor market will improve. There’s lots of evidence that if he passes […]
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