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Apparently Ann Althouse posted an item on her blog about the three finalists for the dean job at Wisconsin Law School, asking for comments regarding them. According to someone who saw the thread it didn’t turn out too well:

[A] quick thought on Althouse’s post on the Wisconsin Dean finalists: the comments not only were negative on the candidates (as you note), but degenerated into a cesspool of vile misogyny and homophobia (not only multiple calling Margaret Raymond a token “diversity” candidate, but multiple posts opining that she should get the job only if she has “big tits” and speculating that she’s a lesbian). Isn’t Althouse at risk of letting her blog turn into AutoAdmit? She has the free speech right to run whatever cesspool she wants, but is she prioritizing her desire for a widely read blog over her obligation to be a responsible member of academia? I’d prefer not to say this for attribution…only because I’m a prof at [another law school] where Margaret Raymond was named a Dean finalist too – but that’s part of why I’m so offended on her behalf; she’s a fantastic and impressive woman who deserves far better than a professor (Althouse) at a school where she’s a finalist (Wisconsin) hosting this sort of festival of misogyny and homophobia.


Now Blogger claims that Althouse (the site) no longer exists.

I have a certain personal interest in this incident because we’re currently trying to hire Margaret Raymond at CU, so if readers could hold off on the temptation to post a festival of misogyny and homophobia in the comments here that would be super helpful.

Update: Curiouser and curiouser.

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  • wengler

    Blogger’s been melting down the past couple of days, so that’s as good an explanation as any.

    • mark f

      For example. Edroso lost some material too.

      • Obviously, Edroso is Althouse, too. As I’ve proven with geometric logic . . .

      • From what I’ve read, Google is dealing with some data corruption and is working to restore the information it took offline. (Paranoid conspiracy theories to the contrary being duly noted.)

        • R. Johnston

          The paranoid conspiracies meandering about in Ann Althouse’s “brain” don’t actually qualify as theories. Creationism, homeopathy, and Althouse’s droppings are all of the same genre. They’re unconnected to reality and useful only as far as they can be mocked and thereby generate humor.

    • Scott Lemieux

      Yeah, Althouse just got lucky.

      • For now. The posts are coming back, and (maybe) the comments will, too.

      • Warren Terra

        No kidding. She’s already an embarrassment to the University Of Wisconsin Law School when she’s wasn’t actively soliciting crudities directed at the candidates to be their next dean. I’d think she’d see the disappearance of that thread as a positive blessing.

        • efgoldman

          Warren, wait…

          …when she’s wasn’t actively soliciting crudities directed at the candidates to be their next dean.

          She was asking people to throw plates of raw veggies at the candidates?
          Way, way out there even for a right wing loon.

          • Warren Terra

            I wrote quickly and sloppily. My meaning was that she was already an embarrassment even before she’d solicited abuse directed at her next dean, not that she hadn’t done so.

            And by “crudities” I mean the plural of “crudity” not the plural of “crudite” (imagine an accent on that last letter in “crudite”, I don’t know the HTML).

  • jsmdlawyer

    I saw the absence of L’il Winebox Annie earlier today and was initially jubilant. Then I thought, no, Blogger’s been on the fritz, it must be that.

    Now we have an embarrassing story that Anniecakes would be just as happy to have not be seen at all.

    Hmmm. Hmmmm again.

    Wait a minute. Maybe, in an effort to cover up her ill-advised law school dean post, Ann Althouse intentionally bloggered Blogger?

    Makes more sense than 99% of what she posts at her now “unavailable” cesspool (an admittedly low bar, I realize).

    Ya heard it here first, boys and girls.

    Heh. Indeed.

    • mark f

      Your last line reminded me she’d been guesting over at Instapundit, from which I discovered her backup blog. The only post relating to the UW controversy is one calling the person Paul quotes above “a weasel” and leaving it at that.

      • Scott Lemieux

        I believe that’s what we call a “non-denial denial.”

      • Anonymous

        Being brave, I marched boldly forth to Althouse Part Deux. The newest post attempts to simultaneously (1) justify the offensive comments, with the time-honored “you’re not from around these parts, or you’d understand that our bigots are just the sweetest, nicest guys you’ve ever met;” and (2) proclaim that, as always, everyone in the entire world is jealous of Anne Althouse’ impressive blog statistics, and therefore both the Blogger crash and the criticism are a plot to silence the great and powerful Wined One.

        Good grief, there’s a reason I only go there every month or so (for entertainment purposes only, of course). The human body can only handle so much narcissism in one sitting.

        • jsmdlawyer

          That was me. Blogger is now reaching out to swallow the whole Internet, apparently.

          • efgoldman

            My daughter’s video game blog on Blogger has been down for two days.

  • Scott Lemieux

    if readers could hold off on the temptation to post a festival of misogyny and homophobia in the comments here that would be super helpful.

    Well, the fact that no Althouse troll can stay here for more than about a week without saying something bannable will help…

  • Spokane Moderate

    degenerated into a cesspool of vile misogyny and homophobia

    No one could have predicted…

    • DrDick

      Lord knows Althouse’s regular posters would never descend into misogyny and homophobia (they would actually have to raise their standards of discourse to get there).

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  • Althouse’s backup site speculates that Mysterious Ne’er-Do-Wells are plotting treason against her. Yes, Ann, that’s it — it’s not that Blogger has been crashing blogs all over the freakin’ Intarwebz for the past several days — it’s that they’re all part of the Vast Shadowy Conspiracy against you…

    • Incontinentia Buttocks

      According to the Lesser Perfesser herself, 98% of Google employees donate to Democrats, which must explain their deep hostility to free speech ;-)

      • Clearly, Google is controlled by the Adepts of Hermes (through the Congressional Wives and the Goldfish Fanciers), who used the Crystal Skull, assisted by the Church of Elvis and the Society of Assassins (with an extra action token!) to strike against Ann Althouse in an attempt to capture her masters in the Cattle Mutilators, leaving the Gnomes of Zurich open to an attack from the Servants of Cthulhu!

        • Spokane Moderate

          You forgot the Reverse Vampires.

        • Malaclypse

          No. I control Blogger, through my minion Gary Ruppert.

          • Malaclypse

            Crap! Did I type that out loud? Now Donalde will know the truth about everything!

            Donalde, the above post was a lie. I don’t know Gary Ruppert at all.

            • Carltintin Salami is malaclypse=espylcalam is Gary Ruppert, and he’s responsible for all of it, the damned nihilist denialist demonologist.

              I read it on the intertubes, and they, being y’know, THEM, never lie.

        • It’s just worth it to play the Bavarians, for the 10/10 power alone.

    • DrDick

      There is a conspiracy alright, a conspiracy of dunces over at Ye Olde Outhouse.

    • Dany Taggert

      You miss the obvious explanation : Blogger is going Galt, fuckerz!!!!!

    • timb

      Certainly the malfeasance argument was seconded by none other than the non-lunatic Patterico. He is above suspicion as a loon, so I will just accept that its part of Google’s conspiracy against the right wing

  • idlemind

    Seems that Althouse suspects the problem is due to Democratic operatives at Google. That’s a pretty potent mix of narcissism and paranoia she’s nursing there…

    • Janet

      Narcissist is right. Nobody is sitting around at the Googleplex trying to think up ways to persecute Ann Althouse.

      • Ah, yes, but Obama himself is doing precisely that. This so-called “meltdown” on Blogger is just The One’s trial run for the eventual shutdown of the entire Internet. Then it’s off to the FEMA camps with Althouse and Reynolds.

        And you did not speak out, because you were not Ann Althouse….

    • Warren Terra

      Incredibly, she makes the claim:

      Back in 2004, 98% of Google employees gave money to Democrats.

      And her source is this at USA Today:

      of the company’s overall political contributions, 98 percent went to Democrats

      Think any sane person could believe the proportion of Google employees that made any sort of political donation is anywhere near 98%?

      • asdfsdf

        Yeah, when your blog goes down after a post insulting prospective deans at a law school and you jump to the conclusion that it’s because the democrats control Google, you may have gone a bit too far around the bend.

        • That ship sailed a long time ago…

          • If there are ships sailing round her bend, a visit from the plumber is probably in order.

            • timb

              finally, some of the misogyny I was promised

      • Ken

        No, but then, I wouldn’t have thought any person intelligent enough to become a professor would confuse a company with its employees; so what do I know?

      • hv the blundering jokekiller

        Think any sane person could believe the proportion of Google employees that made any sort of political donation is anywhere near 98%?

        Sadly, her narcissistic explanation doesn’t even pretend to match the facts on the ground. (I.e. if 98% of the employees gave to Democrats but only gave a few dollars, it is very possible to be 98% Republican donations.)

        So she isn’t just choosing among competing, plausible narratives based on the same facts… she is just making things up wholesale that only vaguely resemble the initial starting point.

  • Robert Halford

    Jesus. I know and like Margaret Raymond. It’s annoying that Ann Althouse, in addition to being a prominent internet moron who we can all make fun of, is actually a real person with the power to affect real people in the real world.

  • Amazing how “Althouse” went down, and not her other blogs. And considering the fits of apoplexy she causes the left, I think her suspicion is warranted!!

    • And the real “Internet mystery” is why my LGM comments keep disappearing around here.

      Maybe [] looking to avoid the kind of attacks that are now likely causing Althouse problems.

      • Malaclypse

        Yes, that seems the likeliest explanation. Damne fine sleuthinge, Donnalde.

        All I can say is, I had nothing to do with it.

        • Warren Terra

          A-ha! That denial is as good as an admission!

          • Malaclypse

            Damn you, Warren! Now Donalde will know! I would have gotten away with it!

            • asdfsdf

              Admit it! You stole his avatar as well!

      • davenoon

        We’d never delete your comments, Donalde. We have too much fun linking them to videos of masturbating apes.

        • Actually, my comments were blocked today. And you guys edit them like a bunch of horny inbreeders. Is CARL PALMER really all that worth it? And now the dude’s threatening a lawsuit? That is some serious shit. He’s scared. I can did it: yet another smackdown against you sad fuckers. Farley is the reprehensible Che douchebag wannabe. Lame-ieux’s looking more lame all the time, and the whole lot of you sick dicks covering up CARL BREWER’s real name … precious.

          Don’t change losers. The Internet is laughing at you.

          • And you guys edit them like a bunch of horny inbreeders
            I would have thought that a bunch of horny inbreeders would have better things to do than editing comments. Surely you can come up with a better simile.

            • DrDick

              No, that would far exceed his very limited capabilities.

          • Emma in Sydney

            Don’t change losers.

            They haven’t changed losers, Donalde. You’re still here.

            • Malaclypse

              Punctuation is proof of demonology. Real men don’t ever indicate pauses in their stream of rage.

          • cornbread

            you guys edit them like a bunch of horny inbreeders.

            further proof that it always comes back to sexual fantasies about SEK.

            • elm

              I also wasn’t aware that horny inbreeders were well known for their rampant editing…

              • Malaclypse

                I guess Donalde just knows more about horny inbreeders than you, or most people, do.

      • DrDick

        No, the real mystery is why anybody even pays attention to you or Althouse.

    • Kwed, baby… Q. E. frickin’ D.

      If Donaldee is hawkin’ it, it’ truth, it’s actual… Every bit is isreal-factual…

      Game, set, BWAAAAAHAHA!!!


      • witless chum

        I think Althouse Isreal might actually qualify as anti-semitism.

        • DocAmazing

          It would at least call for sizable quantities of boxed Manischewitz.

    • Alex

      Apparently “warranted” means “batshit crazy and paranoid” in Dumbfuckinese.

    • hv the blundering jokekiller

      And considering the fits of apoplexy she causes the left, I think her suspicion is warranted!!

      Care to make it interesting?

  • The outage was all over the internet, Donalde. I guess newsmax did not tell you.

  • Obi-Wan, contemplating the Outhouse Blogspot from afar

    You will never find a more wretched hive of misogyny and homophobia. We must be cautious.

  • thebewilderness

    This is just priceless! In a “do you know who I am?” sort of way.

    • Wow.

    • Warren Terra

      Oh, I dunno. Her blog is a big one, it’s obviously a huge piece of her life, and its sudden disappearance entirely titles her to scream generic abuse, run in circles, and demand assistance resolving the situation. I sympathize with the level of frustration her technical difficulties must be causing her, and would guess everyone here can similarly sympathize. She’s overloading the thread and a bit histrionical, but not obviously more so in that thread than is warranted.

      Mind you, her insinuations about political machinations at Google to seek her out and silence her are an entirely different matter than screaming about gremlins and incompetents. And, as I said above, her blog disappearing is probably a good thing for her, given the entirely inappropriate nature of the thread as described, and its possible effects on her professional relationships. But while her behavior in the thread you link probably isn’t optimal, it isn’t unusual or wildly inappropriate, either.

      • rea

        Yeah, I never thought I’d sympathize with her, but Blogger certainly didn’t treat her well

        • idlemind

          I gotta say, having a support person named “nightcruz” doesn’t exactly give me a warm feeling about Google’s support for Blogger. Aside from a dubious moniker, he seemed to assume that the blog was removed for spam when, if you went to its home page, it was throwing some sort of error message, not a “not found.”

          Not a good show for the Goog, though politics would have nothing to do with it.

          • Warren Terra

            Nightcruzr is apparently an enthusiast of the Google support forums and a frequent and trusted poster – but is not labeled as a Google employee. I’m not sure any Google employee stated in that thread that her blog was flagged as spam.

            Looking at Nightcruzr’s posts in the thread and glancing at the eponymous site that Nightcruzr links gives a bit of a muddled picture: the site and some posts represent Nightcruzr as being an enthusiast and outsider interested in guiding others’ attempts to use Blogger, but on the other hand Nightcruzr does say “We are sincerely sorry for any inconvenience which we are causing”, which would appear to suggest that Nightcruzr feels some responsibility for at least the support forums.

            • I’m not sure what nitcruzr’s position is exactly, except that he isn’t a Google employee in the traditional sense. Google proper does have a really very exceptionally bad system for helping folks, and from what I can tell, these folks like nitecruzr are your only keys to getting any live help at all.

              Nite has written a bunch of FAQ like documents for working the maze that is blogger help for various situations, including the one Althouse found herself in (assuming she was suspected of being a spam site, that is.) I can’t tell for sure how well/ thouroughly she was following the instruction manual for resolving the problem, but she/her minions were breaking one rule, which is don’t harass the guy trying to help you… (and, keep in mind what nite has likely been dealing with/doing for the last 3-4 days, since all this blogger bullshit started…) I don’t blame him at all for getting pissed off. Them Althouse folks, including the queen herself, have an exaggerated sense of her/their own importance…

              And I’ll tell ya… Althouse is likely getting off easy… When my blog was investigated for spam, I was down for 7 or 8 days…(To the extent that Althouse got special treatment for being a self-described VIP blogger, I’m very disappointed… Though yeah, Google/blogger does need to get their shit together, help-wise…)

              I guess what I’m saying is I think the bewilderness is expressing my thoughts… “don’t you know who I AM?!?” Nitecruzr wasn’t polite, but I think he was justified in asking her to calm herself and her minions the hell down, follow the dang instructions, and stop attacking him for trying to help her… YMMV…

              • The image came to me later…

                Nitecruzr and the rest are like the witch doctors who are the only contact between the ignorant villagers and the Google Blogger God in the temple. They alone know the ritual dance, and that you need to bow your head on every third step as you approach the temple with your offering (first born male child – M-W-F, first born female child – Tu-Th-Sat, a nice, lean pastrami sandwich on rye w/ mustard on Sundays. — You can guess which day has all the traffic on Temple street.), and exactly what words to say to beseech the Google God to allow you access to “your” blog.

                It’s a shitty system, but if you kill off the witch doctors, you can’t beseech nobody for nothin’. Disrespect ’em at your peril, too, because everyone’s somebody’s baby, and you can always be the next sacrificial child, first born or otherwise…

              • timb

                you get what you pay for….

            • timb

              Well, he’s in trouble now, because the right wing is trying to track down his real name and check out those counter-tops. Mr. nightcruz is in REEEAALLL trouble now!

              • Maybe he’s this Carlson Carlton fellow, too!

              • timb

                I am Spartacus

              • Warren Terra

                I am utterly mystified by the emerging right-wing campaign that this nitecruzr person was on some way abusive. He looks like a sort of slightly self-important haunter of support forums you often encounter, rather more enthusiastic than most (he writes entire manuals!). He gave some generic and kneejerk responses to Althouse’s plight, the sort that he probably reflexively posts in dozens of this sort of thread every day. He didn’t seemingly say a thing about her actions in particular, let alone slander her; he simply gave generic advice about what he assumed the problem usually was.

                If he did anything beyond all that, I didn’t spot it – and, for my sins, I skimmed Althouse’s blog and followed a link to Patterico’s supposedly oh-so revealing full and uncensored transcript of the thread.

                I feel sorry for the guy. They’ve apparently tracked down his identity – I suspect it wasn’t hard, he clearly sees himself as a generous public citizen of the blogger support forums, and is clearly proud of his efforts there. I’m sure they’re sending him all sorts of abuse. For the life of me, I can’t figure out what he is meant to have done wrong.

        • Anderson

          I’m not terribly sorry for her. If your blog is so big and famous and high-traffic, then WTF ARE YOU STILL DOING ON BLOGGER?

          There’s a reason “bloggered” is a word and not “movable-typed.” Well, more than one reason, I mean.

          (I use Blogger, but no one reads my blog, so it’s not a problem when it winks in and out of existence.)

    • rea

      Wow indeed. Blogger took down her blog as spam.

      • Bill Murray

        and here I would have guessed they flagged it as deviled ham, not as spam. The spicing is hotter in deviling

    • Scott Lemieux

      25M visitors a day

      I think she might believe this.

      • Anonymous

        You’re just jealous. Not only do you (probably) not have 25M readers/day – to add insult to injury, you’re stuck with folks like me as readers.

        • Warren Terra

          Oops, that was me. Not that it matters, I just am not a fan of anonymous commenting (consistent use of a single pseudonym being another matter entirely).

    • “I can’t believe they are not speaking to me in a more respectful way.”

  • ckc (not kc)

    It may also help to know that when I am in my profile and I try to “show my blogs” and click “select blogs to display,” I get the error:


    That’s uncanny! – my exact response! (think of a cat with a hairball)

  • This is a blog that was just written about in the New York Times as one of the most important blogs by professors
    Well, the competition is not too rigorous

  • I find this situation extremely interesting from every possible perspective.

  • calling all toasters

    Apparently the FBI believes that this is due to a hacker attack from Israel. Or Sasquatch.

  • Some Guy

    How did she get the idea we leftists would want her blog to go away?

    • R. Johnston

      She’s congenitally incapable of recognizing that there’s great entertainment value to be found in laughing at her. In her limited mind all non-fans want her to go away.

      • Scott Lemieux

        Why are you so envious of her 25 million daily visitors?

  • Wow! This Carl Carlson fellow sure does have friends in high places!

    Amazing that he could take down a moderately popular blogger after mentally emasculate Arnold Alkon and causing The Donalde to run in circles thinking he’s the anonymous blogger behind Sadly, No!

    I must bow before his superior fire power, as well as his legal team. You, Carl Wilson, are a force to be reckoned with!

    • Malaclypse

      Hush, or I will get him to go after you as well.

      • That scares me.

        Did you know sharks have a week devoted to him?

    • “I heard he was bigger’n a hundred… …

      Aw, nevermind…

      S’pin done…

      Well, all hail this mighty Carl Sagan fella anyway, that’s what I say…

      “In order to really make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.”

  • Anderson

    So has it even begun to occur to Althouse that the woman her blog has allowed to be libeled and attacked might actually get the job … and remember whose blog did all that?

    Because I seem to recall someone in Wisconsin spending a lot of effort on what internet activity was done on/off the job, with/without a computer that’s university property, etc. And I am skeptical that she could withstand that kind of scrutiny.

    • Scott Lemieux

      Yes, but you fail to grasp that these witlessly sexist and racist comments were actually hye-larious once you understand the extremely high level of discourse that pervades the untreated sewage swamp comments section chez Althouse!

      • Heh. Heh heh heh.


        Gimme a bit…

    • RhZ

      She does, after all, have 20m posts, by her own admission.

      • asdfsdf

        Which comes to approximately 1 visitor per post. Not really that impressive, except for persistence.

    • Wait. You mean that colleges might have a problem with their faculty insulting and smearing people on-line? Particularly if they do it when they’re supposed to be, say, grading papers or planning lessons?

      Wow. Do you think she’ll get called in front of an academic review board or something?

  • Patterico does an excellent job showing what happened in that thread and how the power to delete was used for ass-covering and making me look presumptuous and thin-skinned.

    It could well be that in that particular instance Ann Althouse was not being presumptuous and thin-skinned.

    • herr doktor bimler

      After the editing of the thread and the removal of all comments from AA that weren’t presumptuous or thin-skinned or demanding queue-jumping fast-track treatment from the volunteer help, a surprising number was left.

    • Furious Jorge

      I read that thread, and I did think she was being at least somewhat thin-skinned and presumptuous.

  • Mike Schilling

    multiple posts opining that she should get the job only if she has “big tits”

    That’s actually sensible, since it is pretty clear that Wisconsin Law doesn’t hire women based on ability.

    • DrDick

      Would that make her the “titular” dean?

    • R. Johnston

      It’s really misogynistic of you to call Ann Althouse a woman.

    • I figure this comment doesn’t do much for Margaret Raymond either.

  • CJColucci

    Margaret was a couple of years behind me at Columbia Law School. She graduated first in her class. There is a tradition at Columbia, the fictional “Mentschikoff Prize,” named after Soia Mentschikoff, a brilliant law student who worked with Karl Lewellyn on the Uniform Commercial Code, married him, and became a law professor and dean in her own right. The prize is given when the top student is a woman. What is the prize? She gets to marry the faculty member of her choice.
    Just to show how smart Margaret is, she never collected the prize.

  • 4jkb4ia

    I should not be laughing at this thread at all…

    I am going to hide general elation at the Red Sox sweep here. Barring some awful accident happening to John, chas v’ shalom, Balloon Juice is still going to be there on Tuesday, and they may even have quit fighting.

    • 4jkb4ia

      I have said everything I am going to about ABL. That is one of the disadvantages of having gone crazy. I can’t be a peacemaker because of all the borderline trollery I did.

  • 4jkb4ia

    I laughed so hard, I started crying.

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