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We’re Not Entitled Enough!


If there was any question that the Yankees are the closest non-political party approximation to the Republican Party now in existence, the amount of bitching and moaning that follows any Rivera pitch eight inches off the plate not being called a strike settles the question. The umpires, who respond by calling strike three on said pitch on the next AB, represent the Democrats.

…and the ol’ “every play is a force play” blown call to rob the Orioles of the winning run as the cherry on top. When Michael Kay says that it’s “too close to call,” it reminds me of how Thurgood Marshall said that if he knew one of his defendants was innocent if a Southern jury only gave him life without parole.

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  • efgoldman

    “Entilted” Gracie?

  • Bart

    Looking at the box during the delay, it looks like Fruitbat blew a save and Joba sucked. What more could a fellow ask?

  • c u n d gulag

    The Yankees are not the closest non-political party approximation to the Republican Party now in existence.
    That would be the Dallas Cowboys.

    I do need to acknowledge that I am both a die-hard Liberal, and a Yankee fan, and that’s not an easy marriage.
    But hey, when you were a kid in NYC and Mickey Mantle was still playing, and the Dodgers and Giants were gone, and the other team in town was the pre-1969 NY Mets, whose best players at the time were Eddkie Kranepool and Ron Hunt, I think you might understand why even an old leftie like me is a Yankee fan.
    If you don’t know who Ron Hunt was, look him up. All I remember about him, was that he was great at getting on base by getting hit by a pitch.

    • Jesse

      Nice try, but it’s totally the Yankees.
      I say this as a New Yorker, and a hater of both the Cowboys and Yankees (ie, a Giants and Mets fan), and I can tell you with absolute certainty that the Cowboys are at least a couple of notches below the Yanks on the entitled-asshole-o-meter (aka the GOP party loyalty score).

      I might even throw the Lakers into this mix, if I gave a damn about basketball. But even if I did, they’re still not the Yankees. I mean, the Yankee organization has a storied history of arrogance/whining/entitlement/rigging that is as old as the Cowboys’ and Lakers’ combined.

  • jeer9

    Since we’re making baseball analogies about fixed competitions, it sort of reminds me of Obama’s comment in SF regarding Manning that “he broke the law” – though our President’s much funnier than your average umpire. He furthermore stated emphatically: “We are a nation of laws.” You can’t get much more hilarious than that. And to think, they called Bush “the bubble boy.”

    • DocAmazing

      The presumption of innocence is so 9/10…

      • jeer9

        But have you seen the National League umpires? They’re even worse!

    • Anonymous

      I think even those who have rightly called the reported details of Manning’s detention inhumane admit that he likely broke the law.

      • Scott Lemieux

        Right, I don’t have a problem with the prosecution of Manning; holding someone who hasn’t been convicted of anything and isn’t a danger to anyone in solitary confinement is a different matter.

      • jeer9

        Thanks for the “likely.” If only our constitutional scholar of a president had thought to use such an adverb as well. But then he was speaking off the cuff and couldn’t help but further justify such a view by extrapolating upon his knowledge of the presidency and the disclosure of classified information. Sheesh. What an empty suit.

  • Anonymous

    Apropos of your ridiculous invocation of T. Marshall above, I remind you bandwagoneers of Red Sox “nation” (TM ESPN/Disney) that your beloved Beantown frauds were the last team – the VERY last – to integrate. Befitting that racist s-hole.

    • Scott Lemieux

      What makes you think I’m a Red Sox fan? Look, someone should obviously steal Tom Yawkey’s plaque from Cooperstown and melt it down…

    • John

      Oh yeah, and the Yankees were pioneers of integration. Only three teams integrated after them.

    • Sam Weslyman

      Know what? The Mariners were never segregated in the first place! I can’t believe nobody gives credit to how amazingly forward-thinking the folks here in the PacNW are.

  • brad

    So let’s see, the Mets were in bed with Madoff in a major, and probably highly illegal, way, use cronyism get Bud to give them funds above and beyond the normal MLB loan system, and, until Alderson was hired, run by total morons. But the Yankees, unlike, say, every other team in professional sports, are owned by unpleasant rich assholes, so they’re evil and analogous to everything bad in the world.
    The structural imbalances in baseball are real, and while I’m a Yankee fan I’d be in favor of a Brooklyn expansion team. It’ll never happen, of course, but I’m also old enough to remember when the Mets enjoyed local dominance, and pissed it away. Meanwhile, the Yankees rediscovered their roots, in no small part thanks to Steinbrenner’s suspension, and gave me the sheer bliss that was the 98 team.
    The difference between politics and sports is that sports don’t matter, it’s just entertainment. Blind, reactive “Yankees are evil” rants are simply the mirror image of equally obnoxious “Jeter is god and deserved those Gold Gloves” blowjobs. Republicans hurt people, the Yankees win ballgames (and championships).

    • Marek


    • yankee hater hater


      • nick

        Third! Scott’s Yankee-hatin posts fail to live up to his normal high standards; more Mets/Mariners self-loathing on the blog, please!

  • Joe

    When some poor schlepp lost a PERFECT GAME because of a bad call, I really am not going to make a dubious call (there are plenty of dubious calls; some hurt the Mets, the team I’m sadly supporting these days) at the plate a political issue. Did the umps lead the Orioles to fall apart in the 11th? And, Rivera? The patron saint of closers? Yeah, people are not going to like any sign he isn’t perfect.

    But, I understand. There is a lot of bs out there. Some over the top fan stuff is our right. What is the Yankees there for if not to serve as a target?

  • There is nothing richer than seeing Yankee fans whine every time someone points out how much they whine. Not that every fanbase doesn’t partake in endless bitching. But with the Yankees it’s especially fun to watch the fans balance the Greatest-Franchise-Ever/Well-Deserved-Big-Dog-Of-MLB, with the poor-put-upon-victim-of-conspiring-umpires.

  • hickes01

    So I’m watching a Yank-Saux game a week-ago Saturday and the Yooker is called out for going out of the baseline to break up a double play. And the that awful Fox Baseball guy is saying, “Well, we’ve already had two second basemen injured this year”.

    And as a Twins fan, I’m screaming at my television, “BUT YOU’RE FREAKING GUY IS ONE OF THE GUYS DOING THE INJURING!!!” Only the Yankees can break a guy’s leg on a bush-league play and benefit from it. Grrrrrrrr…

    • Marek

      The Twins involved said the play was clean. It happens.

      • hickes01

        “The Twins involved said the play was clean. It happens.”

        That’s not the point. The fact is, Swisher broke Nishioka’s leg and the YANKEES benefited two days later when the umpires were instructed to crack down on wide-of-second slides.

        Personally, I think the Twins are sissies for not calling out Swisher. It was a punk move to throw is leg out. (“I thought he would jump”) If it were me, Jeter would catch on in the ribs during the next encounter. I’d hit Swisher, but no one cares about Swisher. (except Joanna Garcia)

  • Xenocrates

    27 World Series Championships. Buh-bye…

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