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All you need to know about Fred Hiatt’s crayon scribble page:

So it seems the difference between “right-leaning” and “left-leaning” columnists at the Washington Post is that the right-leaning list includes people who worked for Republican presidents while the left-leaning list merely includes a columnist who votes for Republican presidential candidates.

Who do you think will be the next “left-leaning” WaPo hire — Marshall Wittman, or Ann Althouse?


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  • Warren Terra

    Who do you think will be the next “left-leaning” WaPo hire — Marshall Wittman, or Ann Althouse?

    Well, I hear that Evan Bayh will do disreputable things for money …

  • mark f

    Andrew Sullivan or David Frum. Conor Friedsdorf with a Sunday column if they want to go young.

    • Murc

      Andrew is anti-torture. That makes him not just a liberal, but a radical. Much too far to the left for the WaPo at any rate.

  • rea

    Jonah Goldberg, because he proved conclusively that fascists are liberals, and thereby established himself as a man of the left.

  • Rob

    Who do you think will be the next “left-leaning” WaPo hire — Marshall Wittman, or Ann Althouse?

    Mickey Kaus

    • Scott Lemieux

      Now, now, even the WaPo isn’t that desperate…

      • Joe

        They leave that to Slate.

        • Even Kaus’s friends at Slate got tired of carrying Kaus’s tired ass.

          Kaus must be pulling down his pants $20 grand a year Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller. Until the wingnut welfare runs out, that is.

  • Warren Terra

    Zell Miller, maybe?

    • Scott Lemieux

      Perhaps Lanny Davis.

      • Warren Terra

        How is it that Lanny Davis hasn’t penned a pro-Qaddafi Op-Ed yet?

        • Scott Lemieux

          The check hasn’t cleared…

        • Holden Pattern

          Too busy writing about how the Bahraini/Saudi crackdown is a humane response by our besties in the ME.

  • TT

    At least the WSJ Editorial Page makes no pretense of being anything other than lying, torture-loving, plutocratic scum.

  • DrDick

    I hear PETA is leading a campaign to ban the use of the WaPoo to line bird cages as animal cruelty.

  • Warren Terra

    To be perfectly fair to the Kaplan Daily, they only claim these columnists lean left. They don’t claim these columnists are the sort of wild-eyed leftist radicals who vote for moderate Democrats.

    • rea

      they only claim these columnists lean left

      Maybe it’s literally true–they’re all pretty lame . . .

    • NonyNony

      To be perfectly fair to the Kaplan Daily, they only claim these columnists lean left.

      perhaps someone should stick a matchbook under their left leg and see if they can fix that.

  • David M. Nieporent

    Seems more as if it’s all you need to know about Media Matters. If you follow the links to see who they’re talking about, they claim that Milbank “votes for Republican candidates” — which is true, if and only if you include the caveat, “as long as they’re not actually on the ballot.”

    • Dick Smith

      Yeah, pretty tricky of Media Matters to provide the hyperlink like that, wasn’t it?

    • Ed Marshall

      Milbank sucks and I have no idea why anyone reads that crap. Who the hell cares who he votes for?

    • witless chum

      And, Nieporent?

      Casting meaningless votes for McCain/Hagel/Bloomberg may not make Milbank into Charles Krauthammer, but in what sense is it left-leaning?

      When left-leaners indulge in protest voting it’s more often for the Green Part than for sitting Republican Senators or finance industry tycoons.

      In fact, if you wanted to satirize mainstream press preference, you really couldn’t do better than that voting record. They really would love the Republican Party that nominated Alan Alda’s character on “The West Wing” to exist and they’re often willing to pretend that it does.

    • Scott Lemieux

      What witless said. Does someone who sees John McCain or Chuck Hegel as their ideal president sound “left-leaning” to you?

      • David M. Nieporent

        It sounds retarded, frankly. Do you think Milbank knew anything about Hagel other than that he questioned the Iraq war?

        But I note that you leave out Bloomberg.

  • whoever it is, sententious tenure awaits!

    • JohnR

      Krauthammer is the master of sententious tendentiousness.

  • Manju

    Someone should invent a system that allows anyone to publish their opinions. I hear Al Gore’s working on it. That would solve this problem.

  • JohnR

    I’m thinking Althouse would be perfect – she leans to both sides; the degree of lean depending on how early in the morning it is. After lunch, I understand that anything approaching vertical is probably too much to ask except on special occasions or when the wine stocks are depleted.

  • Halloween Jack

    As long as you’re going to inflict a mortal wound on the WaPo, I say bring in Kathy Shaidle and Teh Donalde and get it over with quickly.

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