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Super Bowl Open Thread


I guess I’ll take the Packers. It’s true that the Steelers survived their offensive line injuries last week, but it wasn’t so much that the Jets couldn’t get penetration as that they missed tackles. Granting that that’s partly Mendenhall…I don’t see that happening again.

…If we’ve learned anything, it’s that the folks at Frito-Lay desperately need a new ad agency.

…And isn’t F-L owned by Pepsi? I’d definitely short the stock of that ad agency if I had any money.

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  • LosGatosCA

    I hope it’s a good game, so I’m picking the Packers. Winning ugly seems to be more a trait of the Steelers.

    Rodgers has to play better than he did against the Bears, the prospect of which I’m ambivalent about.

    So, Go Pack! Aaron don’t let us down!

  • Incontinentia Buttocks

    Was there a prop bet on Xtina screwing up the lyrics of the national anthem? ‘Cause she just did.

    • Scott Lemieux

      Christ, I’m not even a professional and I can sing my national anthem in two languages!

      • Joe

        yeah, can’t everyone?

    • ploeg

      It just makes me appreciate “America the Beautiful” that much more.

  • Incontinentia Buttocks

    I grew up as a Raider’s fan in the 1970s, which meant that I hated both these franchises. So it’s very hard choosing one to root for. Ultimately, I think my dislike of the Steelers trumps my dislike of the Packers.

    So go Green Bay!

  • LosGatosCA

    Wow! 2 scores in Q1!

    This is close to where they were against Da Bears. Going to have to keep playing this time.

  • wengler

    George W. Bush, responsible for so many deaths, responsible for widespread corruption and the theft of trillions smiles smugly from a box at the Super Bowl…

    • ploeg

      Condi’s apparently there too. It’s the fuckup box, all right.

      • Anderson

        God, does she still have that crush on Dubya? Move ON, Condi.

  • Jon

    I’m finding it so !!BORING!! this time, as I feared. That’s why I’m reading blogs instead – SO much better.

  • TT

    The Teleflora ad was sublime genius.

  • ploeg

    It was pretty sporting of Mike McCarthy to give away that extra timeout on a stupid challenge.

  • Scott Lemieux

    My preference for Coke Zero has been justified.

    • Pooh

      Thought the same thing, though I disagree with your assessment of the Doritos ads, which were dumb, but at least funny in a silly sort of way. (Though I guess the dust-sucking one could be seen as homophobic rather than the silly/creepy viewing I gave it)

  • Steve S.

    This was a pretty big miscalculation by the Steelers, playing a Super Bowl against an established team that the league doesn’t dare fuck over with flagrantly biased officiating.

    vs. Seahawks: Steelers 4 penalties for 20 yards, Seahawks 7 for 70.
    vs. Cards: Steelers 7 for 56, Cards 11 for 106.
    vs. Packers: Steelers 6 for 55, Packers 7 for 67.

    Christ, even when they don’t get the game handed to them they still win the penalty battle. Must be the manifestly clean brand of football they play .

    • Scott Lemieux

      vs. Seahawks: Steelers 4 penalties for 20 yards, Seahawks 7 for 70.

      And that understates it — ticky-tack PI penalty took away Hawks TD, ticky-tack holding penalty took away first-and-goal.

      • Steve S.

        I have not systematically looked at every Wikipedia Super Bowl page, but as far as I know the one for SB XL is the only one with a hefty section devoted to the officiating.

      • howard

        wow, still can’t give it up, can you guys? you give up a td run on the first play from scrimmage in the second half, you deserve to lose.

        and yes, sometimes penalties aren’t equally committed.

        why would you want to take anything away from an impressive packers victory by spending time further cementing the seahawks’ fans’ reputations as the whiniest losers in the history of the super bowl?

        • Spokane Moderate

          The fact that one of the officials went out of his way to apologize because it still bugged him nearly five years later is an indication that the officiating just might have been subpar.

          The Steelers might still have won, but the officiating sucked in that game. Get over it.

          you give up a td run on the first play from scrimmage in the second half, you deserve to lose.

          No. It means you deserve to give up 6 or 7 points.

          • Kurzleg

            How often does a push off by an offensive player get called in the NFL? If it’s more than 5% of the time, I’d be very surprised. And in the end zone? Almost never. That was the worst call in a Super Bowl that I’ve ever seen.

            • Scott Lemieux

              Yeah, Farley and I argued about that at the time, but I stand by my reaction. I dunno about college, but in the NFL that kind of minor incidental contact (not even rising to the level of a push-off) is essentially never called.

              Now, having said that, Howard has a point: the Seahawks made plenty of mistakes and can’t really blame the officiating. But the officiating was terrible and one-sided in effect.

              • The Seahawks did not play a good game. But neither did the Steelers. The difference was the refs, especially on that terrible PI call that wiped away a touchdown.

            • mark f

              Don’t forget Hasselback being called for an illegal block . . . when he was attempting to make a tackle after throwing an interception.

              • mpowell

                This play mattered less but was one of the worst calls I’ve ever witnessed in professional sports. And it was for 15 yards. The officials have the discretion to talk about the play afterwards and someone just might have mentioned that calling an illegal block on a player who was probably attempting a tackle was probably not the right call. It would not have been difficult to pick up the flag. That call was so bad, and not just in a flash of the moment judgment call kind of way but in a considered, is this the correct application of the rule? kind of way that it makes you wonder if there was something else going on in that game. As in, did the head ref have money on the game? The other calls could be defended on their own, but that particular one calls into question the impartiality of the officiating and with so many other critical calls going against the Seahawks… it was not the NFL’s finest hour.

              • mark f

                Right. It was just such obvious nonsense that it’s really hard to find non-conspiracy explanation. It made about as much sense as if they’d called him Hasselback for delay of game or something. In its way it’s even worse than the umpire who blew the perfect game this season; that guy’s call was obviously awful but it was an irreversible blurting of the wrong thing under pressure. Here, as you’ve pointed out, you had basically an all-star team of officials with time for discussion and consideration between throwing the flag and applying a penalty.

          • mpowell

            No. It means you deserve to give up 6 or 7 points.

            Also, this. I hate this style of argument.

        • Walt

          Howard, I think you’re not really cut out to be a sports fan. Why would we ever give it up?

  • When the camera briefly shifted to the shot of Cameron Diaz feeding Alex Rodriguez, I thought I was going to puke.

    It was so bad, it almost makes me forget how utterly awful that halftime show was. I take back everything I said last year about The Who dialing it in!

    • Kurzleg

      Worst. Show. Evah. Hell, even Prince in a down pour was a zillion times better. Poor conceived doesn’t begin to describe the failure.

      • mark f

        Hrm. “Even Prince was better” is a weird construction considering his halftime show was pretty friggin’ awesome.

        • TT

          Purple Rain being performed in the middle of a giant squall was basically the one good thing that happened during the Bush years.

    • Thlayli

      My immediately-Tweeted reaction:

      “Miss Ferguson, you’re no Axl Rose.”

    • efgoldman

      They need to cut out all this crap at halftime, and bring in a great marching band every year. Period.

    • John

      Not that the halftime show was good, but it was still better than the Who. That was absolutely atrocious and depressing.

      • Joe

        Agreed that was a tad depressing but so is Glee following the Super Bowl.

  • JJ

    This is off topic but when will you remove the Huffington Post from your blogroll now that they are officially crap?

    • Scott Lemieux

      Wait — they’re on our blogroll? I really need to assert the founders’ prerogatives more…

  • jadegold

    Jeebus–Fox’s pre-game coverage was the closest thing to Triumph of the Will I’ve seen on network TV.

    • Sharon

      Since my team is an AFC team, I don’t have that much exposure to Fox during the regular season, but yeah, Leni would feel very at home working at Fox Sports.

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