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Nutty, Yet Principled


Nothing is more damaging to the abortion criminalization lobby than people who actually take the stuff other anti-choicers merely pretend to believe seriously. Investigating miscarriages is appalling, barbaric public policy — but if you accept anti-choice logic, since self-administered abortions are serious acts of violence doing so is necessary. Which should tell you all you need to know about the value of anti-choice principles (and also about why the application of the right of privacy in Griswold to abortion was perfectly appropriate and logical.)

More on Franklin here and here.

…and see Tomorrow on the Republican War on Women.

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  • Meet your American Taliban.

  • Paul Gottlieb

    It’s nice to see the policies of Nicolae Ceausescu being brought to America, after they worked so well in Romania

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  • Law Prof

    None of my doctors had any explanation as to my several (unintentional) miscarriages, nor any certainty as to how to prevent future ones. So I’m fascinated to hear how I am — or even, more amusing, my IT and lawyer friends are — supposed to know “how it happened”.

    The left should be shouting Franklin’s proposal from the rooftops. Higher-income women (my guess: fewer abortions, but more delay in child-bearing and thus more miscarriages) would flee the Republican party in droves.

  • Tasty Pie

    Franklin also manages to include in the bill an assertion of Georgia’s nullifacatory (is that a word?) authority. He’s *this close* to winning Wingnut Bingo.

  • NBarnes

    …it’s inconvenient to have carbon taxes, but didn’t think about that when they were building interstate highways and tearing down trolleys.

    Fixed that for you, Mr. Personal Responsibility.

  • …it’s inconvenient to have this child, but didn’t think about that when they were fucking.

    Notice, it always comes back around to dirty, filthy women having dirty, filthy sex with the anti-choice crowd. I for one would love to see an anti-choicer state his disagreement with abortion without showing his disgust for some woman’s sexual activities. Just once, but I’m not holding my breath.

  • A Random Lurker

    Just a random lurker, but a lot of the comments seem to be responding to something from WrongfulBigJim that I’m not seeing.

    Has he gotten banninated/deleted, or is my browser finally so fed up w/ his obvious idiocy and unsophisticated trolling that it refuses to show his comments?

    • elm

      He was banned. Then he came back from another IP address apparently. When this was noticed, the new IP address must have been banned, and so bye-bye all comments he has made, but not before trolling another couple of threads and provoking another long set of comments.

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