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Good news and bad news


The good news is that the web is awash in reports that Hosni Mubarak has fled Egypt. (Update: Mubarak is currently on TV claiming he’s not going anywhere).

The bad news is that the New York Times is quoting Donald Douglas on the subject. I thought it was bad enough when it was LGM giving this guy’s feverish combination of right-wing paranoia and retarded sexuality any attention. (And yes I recognize the paradoxical ironies inherent in this post).

James Wolcott grapples with the basic dilemma.

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  • Malaclypse

    Was Pammycakes too busy?

  • Malaclypse

    Got out of the boat. Good that the range of acceptable opinion goes from Politico through Hot Air to Donalde. We would not want to ask anyone here, however.

  • genjirama

    What, did someone ask DD what Saskwatch thought?

  • Simple mind

    Mubarek’s speech could have been broadcast from anywhere in the world.

  • c u n d gulag

    I refuse to read the NY Times quoting ‘The Donalde,’ or, as I call him, “AmericaneoCLOWN.

    This can’t come to anything good for the Old Grey Lady.

    On the other hand, it’s Friday, and maybe they called everyone who knows anything in the entire country and found they had taken off, and their only choices, since ‘Bozo the Clown’ had a gig to make Republican Politician&Pundit balloon animals and Play Doh fetuses for Rick Santorum’s kids to play with and hug at a fund raiser, was either ‘Zippy the Wonder Chimp,’ or AmericaneoCLOWN – and figured that Zippy might be too erudite, well-spoken and have a far too complicated view of the situation if the story got picked up by FOX News and AP, so they went with ‘The Donalde.’

    On the serious side, NY Times – WTF?!?!?
    What, the wino at Washington Square Park who stands on a soapbox screaming into a megaphone with leaking Depends wasn’t sober enough? Christ, give him some meth and Ripple, and he’ll give Glenn Beck a run for his money. Actually, for insight and analytical ability, I’d take that wino, even if he’s passed out, over AmericaneoCLOWN and Beckerhead.

    The NY Times quoting ‘The Donalde?’ Jesus H. Christ on meth!

    On the plus side, we won’t have to worry about him trying to troll here for awile.
    After he gets done for the next few days jerking-off into the lightly sauteed pieces of human liver he was saving for his solo Valentines Day meal, using ‘motion-lotion’ and Ben Gay for verisimiltude, he’ll then spend weeks walking around campus showing the article to every student and fellow professor at his 5th rate Kommunity Kollege ‘Edumacation’ Emporium, and then everything in the county that breathes, including the mice, lice, squirrels, rabbits, Hobbit’s, bats, rats, moles, voles, Trolls, Lephracauns and earthworms, that he finally had his name in a major newspaper for something besides being arrested for a DWI, molestation, incest, or sexual perversion with pet who’s not a member of your own family, he’ll be too tired to try to come up with a new IP address to sneak in here and lower his bandwidth trou and drop a few work-turds here.

    So, there is THAT to look forward to…

  • The comment thread at the times is pretty much RedState transplanted.

  • I can’t get worked up over which commentators opinionator pulls from, but there is something disturbing about juxtaposing Donald’s and allapundit’s thoughts with those of Marc Lynch. They could have found a right-wing expert on Middle East politics, rather than people far outside of their specialty who’s only interest is to find the latest angle to criticize Obama. But, no, we get a leading scholar on Middle East media and democratization and, well, the “other side.”

    I won’t comment on the idea that Obama’s tightrope walking on Egypt, or his refusal to damage (whatever is left of) the reform movement in Iran by publicly aligning the USG with it, is somehow a blow against Israel. I mean, I’m rooting for the Egyptian people all the way, but it is hard to imagine a more Israel-friendly government than Mubarak’s emerging from democratization there. Of course, maybe this is just a plot to make conservative-blogger outrage look silly by picking a particularly incoherent line of reasoning….

    • wengler

      I’m sure the Egyptian people won’t resent at all that they had to endure a stagnant economy under an autocratic dictator for 30 years just so the US can be happy with Israel’s security situation.

      Unfortunately, the US is also losing the place where Bush sent people to be tortured.

      • Yeah, well, I’m looking forward to the same people accusing Obama of selling out Israel by not supporting Egyptian democracy enough accuse him of selling out Israel by supporting Egyptian democracy too much…..

    • DocAmazing

      I can’t get worked up over which commentators opinionator pulls from, but there is something disturbing about juxtaposing Donald’s and allapundit’s thoughts with those of Marc Lynch.

      It’s a bit like Megan McArdle being interviewed on NPR about international trade.

    • kth

      One almost wants to call liberal media bias if Lynch is the left side of the debate and Douglas is the right. I realize there’s an Overton window issue, but at a more basic level it’s just a smart guy and a dumb guy.

  • el donaldo

    It’s no surprise the Donalde is showing up there. It’s Tobin Hanshaw. The guy is a rightwing concern troll and hack masquerading as a blogosphere analyst and a total blight on the otherwise fairly decent Times Opinionator online punditry. He’ll quote Byron York and cite a Rasmussen poll and just keep going.

    • Halloween Jack

      Was there even a real column there? It looked like a lot of assorted copypasta, kind of a “Stars on 45” sort of column.

  • asdfsdf

    Oh, Christ, we’re forgetting our manners.

    Dr. Douglas, I know you’re reading this, and I know that you know that we don’t like you very much, but congratulations on getting into the NYT anyway.

    • Ed Marshall

      Yeah, congrats. It’s too bad that it was for something you were wrong about. On the other hand, you are never right about anything. So it was the only possible way.

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