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I figured that his stunningly good work on DADT repeal meant that he was going to seek the Democratic nomination, but Holy Joe is out after this term.

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  • Tom M

    So, you think the Republicans who elected him 4 years ago won’t do it again? Color me astonished.

  • DrDick

    Did a little happy dance when I saw that. The world is a much better place with Joe LIEberman out of the Senate. Probably has a cushy lobbyist gig lined up with one of the more repulsive Republican shops.

  • What’s the mystery?

    He accomplished all his Rethug goals as a Dim.

    He’s out of here.

    And in to the moolah.

    Every NeoCons fervent XMAS wish.




  • JRoth

    I’m genuinely surprised that the DADT move had zero political motive. If nothing else, the warm response it engendered from Dem/liberal activists seemed certain to push him towards running again, but evidently not.

    Which is ideal, because now I get to have warm feelings about the one decent thing he’s done in the past 10+ years AND not have to hear his fucking frogvoice again after 2012.

  • There is no Joe in Mudville.

    Sure, it might be possible to elect him as a Republican, but then he’d have to stab Democrats from the front, and where’s the fun in that?

  • joe from Lowell

    I’m going to miss the way I could read a Lieberman quote, and hear his constipated, mmmmnnnnweeeehhhhhhh droopy-dog voice saying the words.

  • Maybe he did the DADT because he thought it was the right thing to do (no doubt combined with a desire to look good in the history books)? Acknowledging that doesn’t mean you have to like the guy or prefer him to hypothetical Senator Lamont.

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