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And the Mark Penn Award For Egregious Intelligence-Insulting Goes to…

[ 18 ] January 9, 2011 |

Tammy Bruce and Sarah Palin’s flack. Maybe Althouse is doing some writing for Palin on the side or something.

TBogg: “Johnny Cash once surveyed a man in Reno just to watch him die.”


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  1. Bill Murray says:

    I think it’s the 7th Amendment that reads

    A well regulated property line, being necessary to the security of a free man’s property, the right of the people to use tripods and theodolites, shall not be infringed.

  2. wengler says:

    The use of a surveyor’s symbols is a potent political attack line commonly employed by Alaskan politicians. In Alaska surveyor is an almost heroic occupation, commonly associated with those that aren’t afraid of bears or the attacks of back country wildmen.

    Palin was simply looking for tough new Republican ‘surveyors’ to fulfill her mama grizzly agenda.

  3. DocAmazing says:

    As I’ve pointed out elsewhere: Team Palin is right. That symbol is not necessarily a rifle’s reticle sight. It may have a completely innocent origin.

    It’s the symbol of the Zodiac Killer.

  4. DrDick says:

    This is really for their base, to immunize them from any sense of responsibility, so I do not think they actually are insulting anyone’s intelligence. They never expected anyone with a double digit IQ to believe them.

  5. MightyBigCar says:

    It makes perfect sense. I mean, Palin’s famous for her frequent use of the land survey metaphor in her speeches. Remember those reports about her surveying wolves from helicopters? And just recently on her TV show she surveyed the shit out of some caribou.

    And the whole surveying thing has been picked up by the teabaggers, enthusiastically. Just the other day I was lectured by one saying “we will reform the government, whether by ballot or theodolite.”

  6. efgoldman says:

    All this snarkasm is wonderfully cathartic, and FSM knows I’ve engaged in more than my share (I was snarkastic in public before anyone had heard of teh intartubes.)

    The problem is: the objects of all this justified derision won’t ever “get” it. Never, ever.

    Sometimes a smack upside the head is all that works.

    “Survey THIS! :::smack!:::”

  7. rerun says:

    Don’t retreat, revise.

  8. hv says:

    There was a link in the comment thread of the Washington Monthly link that thinks this is just straight up a lie:

  9. wiley says:

    The abnormal psychology of a person capable of telling such a crazy lie is enabled by the abnormal psychology of a person who would believe it. I can’t tell which one is more messed up, but I’m sure the believers are more stupid.

  10. McKingford says:

    I realize this will never happen, but the best thing progressives (including prominent politicians) could ever do would be to press hard on the point that this is Palin’s fault.

    This would cause the inevitable rally around Palin, as the “backlash” against progressive “lies”.

    …leading to Palin’s inevitable nomination in 2012, and thus the nomination of the only Republican who can be surely said unable to defeat Obama.

    • hv says:

      I know what you mean. On another thread, one poster accused liberals of eliminationist rhetoric towards Ms. Palin (thus, hypocrisy, I guess…) since we wanted to “banish her from political relevance”; and I was thinking: “Are you kidding? I would do anything to nurse Palin through to 2012 up to and including suckle at my own bosom!”

  11. Daverz says:

    In my darker moments I think that Palin is the President that America deserves. Now how is that for American hating?

  12. Warren Terra says:

    As Thomas Jefferson meant to say, the tree of liberty needs from time to time to be measured against the heights of patriots and tyrants.

  13. IM says:

    Naive King, thinking Greg Stillson would be finished by his baby brandishing moment. Now we know better:: It would be explained away in a heart beat.

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