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Did You Know That Charli Was An Uncritical Defender of Wikileaks?


I admit that your skepticism about this thesis would be undermined by reading what she’s written, but the Donalde has a novel interpretation.

…LGM has obtained rare footage of the Donalde showing off his legendary close reading skills with the late Gene Siskel:

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  • DocAmazing

    Counting down to Donalde showing up in three…two…

  • JJ

    Wow. I checked out his post, and then looked at the comments thinking someone would correct him, instead I found this:

    works for me.
    The person(s) who leaked this should die.

    The person(s) who published this should die.

    Any citizen of this country who believes this is a good thing should die.

    Anyone who disagrees with me should die.

    • brandon

      That guy’s got a lot of answers. I admire that.

      • BigHank53

        And they’re simple answers, too. Maybe he can get a job at Fox News, if his hair is good enough.

  • I admit that your skepticism about this thesis would be undermined by reading what she’s written

    Do I have to get my red pen out? So help me, I’ll get out my red pen.

    James Spader

  • Malaclypse

    Yes, what Donalde wrote was dumb, but is it as dumb as Sasquatch Isreal?

    • gmack

      My own opinion is that the “Sasquatch Isreal” post was dumber than this one, but that this one is a better demonstration of just how lazy he is.

      Taken together, these incidents do prove Einstein’s famous quip that the difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.

  • DrDick

    Le Donalde can read? Who knew. I certainly have seen little evidence of that.

    • NonyNony

      The Sasquatch Isreal episode shows examples of both Donald’s reading and critical thinking abilities.

      • DrDick

        Indeed. I rest my case.

  • Well, now that’s just silly.

  • Srsly? The Dubmass thinks the left is universally praising Assange and have all along?

    He, um, well, the sky must be a pretty pink in his world…

  • Halloween Jack

    I find even contemplating The Donalde’s existence unpleasant, due not only to his misogyny and general trollishness but that he so obviously digs the attention that his rants get from blogs like this. I’m glad that you posted the vid of Jeffrey Tambor and Gene Siskel to clear the palate. It reminds me of a scene in this graphic novel, Fortune and Glory, by the comics writer Brian Michael Bendis, in which he is (unsuccessfully) trying to convince a movie producer that the studio which produced the Kevin Costner Untouchables movie doesn’t own the rights to the “character” of Eliot Ness.

  • norbizness

    Somebody pointed out that the three guests on that Larry Sanders Show all passed on prematurely: Gene Siskel, John Ritter, and the writer of this blog’s title song.

    • Scott Lemieux

      “What’s that song from your first album…’The French Connection’?”

      “‘The French Inhaler?'”

      “Is it less than 4 minutes?”

      “I’ll play it fast. Anything but ‘Werewolves.'”

  • wengler

    Please don’t drive any traffic to this reprehensible human being.

  • Stupid describes this comment thread, but I’ve responded to Lame-eiux in any case: ‘Progressives and WikiLeaks’.

    • So now even *you* have taken to calling yourself “stupid”? (Don’t make me explain the grammar here, Donalde.)

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