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“They’re all guilty. All of them.”


There is no way in which this is not awesome…

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  • “You can give it to my secretary. I am going to throw myself out of the window.”

  • And the Law is the gateway drug leading to Politics.

  • So sad. So true. So futile. Law school applicants are the single best counter-argument to rational choice theory.

    • hv

      People are still getting post-graduate degrees in journalism, too.

      • Malaclypse

        Law school applicants are the single best counter-argument to rational choice theory.

        PhD candidates in the humanities or social sciences.

        • LuckyJim JD

          But they don’t typically rack up $100k+ in debt to obtain their unmarketable degrees.

          • hv

            But some people who attend law school do end up with lucrative jobs?

            Journalism is dead, Jim. The deans weep at the commencement addresses.

          • Linnaeus

            But they don’t typically rack up $100k+ in debt to obtain their unmarketable degrees.

            Some people *cough*me*cough do, but even when they don’t rack up as much as $100K+, they often rack up significant debt in comparison to their earning potential when they get out of graduate school.

            • And some extremely masochistic idiots (*whistles innocently*) complete a PhD and still go on to law school. That probably speaks ill of education, not just rational-choice theory.

              • Yes, those people are crazy. I’m one of them, though I left grad school ABD (and, fortunately, debt-free) before making the jump.

        • isabelline

          Which, fortunately, also has a hilarious YouTube video. “So You Want To Get [insert higher education]: the new Lolcats.

  • Ryan

    Did you have to post this on a day I got up at 4:00 AM to get to my office by 6 and get to work?

  • Jay


  • Murc

    Somewhat related; Charlie Stross, scottish sci-fi writer, recently had a post that touched strongly on what he refers to as a ‘credentialing bubble.’

    The shorter version; as the workforce becomes increasingly atomized, references and ‘proven experience’ become less valuable as opposed to a little slip of paper (say, oh, a law degree and passing the bar) you can show to HR. This has inflated the value of those pieces of paper far beyond their ability to generate a return on their investment in getting them and the sort of lifestyle they require you to live AFTER obtaining them.

    Thus, a bubble that its about time to pop.

  • PSP

    “You realize that you’ll be paying those back for the next 20 years, even if you hate being a lawyer?”

    That would be the story of my life.

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  • James E. Powell

    I made it through law school (’85) before the great inflation hit law school tuition. I came out with a mere 15K in debt.

    I do not think anyone other than a lawyer, and certainly not an aspiring lawyer, has any idea of the mind-numbing and soul-killing nature of the routine practice of law.

    I really had to laugh at the Thanksgiving reference. I once had a trial that started the day after Christmas.

    • McKingford

      [nobody] has any idea of the mind-numbing and soul-killing nature of the routine practice of law.

      One of my best buddies from law school, who made partner at Baker McKenzie (the world’s biggest law firm) in NY, had the best line: “making partner is like after winning a pie eating contest being told that the winning prize is more pie”.

      • hv

        Heard that line about making the law review.

      • More like winning first prize in a shit-eating contest (a description Richard Russo, in his academic novel, Straight Man, applies to earning tenure at a podunk state college).

    • The worst thing I ever did during my brief stint at practice was to serve discovery requests on opposing counsel on Christmas eve. I really hated that guy. But I still felt pretty bad about it.

  • Dan

    Funny. I graduated about 3 years ago now. I’m doing foreclosure defense. Suing the big banks on behalf of individual clients. Right now, for example, I’ve got a motion to dismiss against one of my clients because HAMP purportedly has no private right of action – a decision that has less than a dozen cases out right now, none in my state. I’m arguing an intended beneficiary contract theory. So, doing fairly cutting edge law.

    You know, I’m doing good work, actually helping people, and doing cutting edge stuff. Because of IBR, I can afford my loans fairly easily. Admittedly, I live in a fairly crappy shared apartment, and don’t go out to expensive restaurants. But I actually like my life and work – I work about a 50 hour work week, hardly onerous considering I don’t do any physical labor.

    You can go to law school, do cutting edge work, and help people while paying off your loans. You just can’t do that and make a 150k/year salary right out of law school, and work a 40 hour 9 to 5 job. You can choose to make a huge salary and have a soul destroying life working 90 hours a week right out of law school. That’s fine, but then don’t complain about it, you choose to be that way.

    • JMS

      Everyone hates you and thinks you’re a gunner for talking about the law when not being paid to do so.

    • Rick

      Thanks for the encouragement. I’m studing for the December LSAT. The video was funny, but it’s nice to hear something that isn’t so deflating.

      • NOLA

        I hope you bomb the LSAT – no because I wish bad things for you.

        Quite the contrary, actually.

  • I’ve been a lawyer for about 20 years, its been fun, but that video is still awesome! I got lucky and avoided a lot of crap, but most won’t!

  • Thanks for the shoutout on the video — i am the author of this video, and I am as surprised as anyone that it has exploded the way it did.

  • I remember thinking those shiny thoughts. Every pre-Law student should be required to work answering phones at a law firm for a summer before applying.

    • NOLA


      Brilliant idea.

    • bryan simmons

      Amen! They all think that it’s like Boston Legal or SVU. It might do many of them some good to see the sausage-making up close. Like right now I’ve been stuck in my goddamn office for two days responding to stupid-ass discovery requests. What a way to suck the soul right out of your body.

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