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“a debate between a purveyor of religious bigotry and a liar…”


But, in fairness, it’s not as if Kentucky’s current Senate incumbent is a crazy reactionary or anything…

…a semi-defense of Conway.

…see also Zasloff.

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  • I’m so glad that, now, both of our political parties are making it a disqualification to malign the Christian religion. That’s exactly where I want my party and my country to go. Good job, Democrats; just when I think you can’t suck any more. . .

    Oh, if only there were other things he could attack Rand Paul for. Like, for instance, if he called Medicare a crime yet earned half his living from billing Medicare, or if he once said it’s alright for white-owned businesses to discriminate against black people.

  • The Wrath of Oliver Khan

    I agree with all these condemnations of Jack Conway. Because taking the high road has served Democrats so well in the past, and tone and decorum are so much more important than keeping Tea Party lunatics away from the controls …

    • Like I said, there’s nothing else to attack Rand Paul for. And, in the long run, criticizing religious dissent will surely prove more profitable for Democrats than Republicans.

      • JRoth

        Hey, if Democrats plan on running against Republicans because Republicans are bought-and-paid-for shills for big business whose low tax mantra is a gambit to impoverish hoi polloi while enriching the wealthiest, then by all means, avoid this sort of attack. But from what I’ve seen, every Democrat from Barack “Protect the Banksters” Obama on down is intent on preserving the myth that Reagan was basically correct, and so all we have left is unsavory bullshit like this. Bless Conway for actually caring more about winning than about impressing the TNRs and WaPos of the world.

        • JRoth

          BTW, to be clear, I mean “unsavory bullshit” in the sense that it’s inconsequential. As can’t be emphasized enough, nothing in the ad is untrue. Even the pusillanimous factcheck.org agrees with that.

      • The Wrath of Oliver Khan

        You’d have a great point if this was the first time Conway criticized Paul in public.

      • Joe

        Yeah, it is not like there is not ad about his “accidents happen” comment about mine disasters. Oh wait, there is.

        Oh well. There must not be any other attacks on Rand Paul then. There are? Oh well.

        This is an ADDITIONAL attack. This is politics. Sometimes, it is distasteful. I love how Chait thinks THIS is the worst thing out there. Scary Mexicans, hey, that is just normal stuff. A Dem taking a sort of low blow? Oh no!

        • cer

          It’s not strategic brilliance, though. Evangelicals LOVE them a good conversion story, especially one that involves sin and redemption. (See: Bush, George W.) Paul now has an opening to come out and emphasize how he became a committed Christian after his youthful indiscretions.

          In PA the DSCC is running an ad against Pat Toomey talking about Toomey’s ties with Chinese business complete with menacing images of Red China and fucking gongs. Gosh, I’m sure nothing bad can come from encouraging xenophobia!

          • Josh G.

            China is a deadly threat to the American blue-collar standard of living. Democrats are supposed to support American workers. If that means what you call “xenophobia” then so be it.

  • Rob

    I just got a mailer from Ron Johnson claiming that Feingold is going to kill Medicare and Social Security. So, yeah…

  • Any Democrat that complains about this deserves a hard kick in the nuts.

    • Sophist

      Ha! Good luck finding ’em.

  • A harder kick in the nuts, even. Chait’s puffery about religious bigotry wantonly ignores the context of the thing–that, in a state that’s as Bible as a Belt gets, Conway called Rand Paul on his BS. If you’re seriously so concerned about the ends and means of this election, in the context of what Republicans and Teapersons are doing to get elected, you absolutely deserve Rand Paul, Sharron Angle, Joe Miller, and whatever other wackaloons the other side wants to elect. Link up with reality, people.

    • You know, I’m usually more than willing to hold my nose and vote for Democrats. I would even vote for Conway if I lived in Kentucky.

      I just wish people would stop telling me that I should like it. Electing a douchebag who is a Democrat over a douchebag who is a Republican still means there’s a douchebag in office. AND I WANT FEWER DOUCHEBAGS IN OFFICE.

      • Joe

        It is “douchebag” now to point to Bible Belt voters that their favored candidate is anti-Christian, a jerk and (from the response) a total baby?

        • It’s douchebag to, as a Democrat, prioritize a “false idol” over the unlawful detainment of a woman; it’s douchebag to be anti-immigrant and (EVEN IN THE BIBLE BELT) anti-atheist, yes. It might win him the election, but it won’t change his basic nature.

          • The Wrath of Oliver Khan

            It seems that the basic problem is that a state full of douchebags gets the same representation in the Senate as the rest of us.

            Kentucky is full of people who do not give a shit about the unlawful detention of a woman, who are anti-immigrant and anti-atheist. Sadly, they get two senators despite all that. Should we give them a non-douchebag candidate who they can quickly reject in favor of a dangerous crazy douchebag so that we can feel good about ourselves and our tactics, or should we suck it up, play the game and give those douchebags a somewhat better and less dangerous candidate they can feel comfortable voting for?

            I know which path I would choose.

      • DocAmazing

        Preach it brother. I registered Green many years ago for that very reason. The number of douchebags put forth by the Dems has not grown appreciably smaller.

      • I’m sorry–I’m not sure how I conveyed the impression that I think you should like it, or that I don’t think Conway’s a douchebag. But I clearly did, so I apologize.

        Conway smug, he’s repellent, he exudes whatever frat housed all the shithead jocks. And he got elected AG in Kentucky.

        My only argument is that if you’re on the side that isn’t Rand Paul’s, he’s your douchebag.

  • Josh E.

    Bravo Jack! If only every Senate race could be a competition over which candidate loves Jesus more.

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