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Idiots Against Immunization


The efforts of people such as Dr. Jenny McCarthy seem to be having their desired effect.

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  • Give credit where it’s due: Andrew Wakefield, the quack who started all this.

    • Neill Brower

      True. But give McCarthy her due, as well, for spreading the good word.

  • DrDick

    Sadly, there are no immunizations available against stupidity.

    • R. Johnston

      There are immunizations available against stupidity; it’s just that the side effects of a successful immunization involve a 100% chance of death . . .

  • Ed

    Some time ago the NYT had an article on the California whooping cough outbreak and parents who refuse to get their children immunized. These people tend to be well off and well educated, neither of which assets are reliable guardians against stupidity, unfortunately.

    • Malaclypse

      These people tend to be well off and well educated, neither of which assets are reliable guardians against stupidity, unfortunately.

      Marginal tax rates have forced them to Go Galt on immunization.

    • Warren Terra

      The effects there are particularly grim, because it turns out that Whooping Cough is often not promptly correctly diagnosed and the sufferers can get into real trouble – a handful have died.

      • Emma

        Whooping cough rarely kills adults or older chidren, although it does cause lung damage. However, unimmunized older children or adults can give it to babies too young to be immunized (even if their parents are passionate advocates of immunization), and they die. So not immunizing your own children kills other people’s children. Charming.

        • Ed

          So not immunizing your own children kills other people’s children.

          The Times article noted that exposure to children who haven’t been immunized can also put immunized kids at risk. Parents who don’t immunize their children are not only banking on the fact that most other parents will, but they’re taking chances with the immunized kids’ health as well. Fine people.

          • Emma

            Yep. The pertussis vaccine wears off, they now know, so here in Austrlaia public health authorities now advise a booster for teenagers and for people about to become parents and grandparents. My fully immunized twin boys both caught whooping cough at the age of 11 from unimmunized kids, and were really sick. But the worst thing was that it was undiagnosed, because the two family doctors we consulted had never seen it before, and so we managed to give it, inadvertently, to my cousin’s four-month old baby, who spent two weeks in hospital. Needless to say we are all reimmunized now. Herd immunity breaking down is really a bitch.

          • txmom

            So you’re basically saying that the immunized kids are at risk? You should really think about this statement and question how it makes sense. If the immunized kids are still at risk of illness, just as the kids that aren’t immunized, that would mean that the immunizations aren’t working. The whole point is so that your kids don’t get sick. Problem is that they still do, and their autoimmune system is not capable of working on it’s own to protect itself from illness. And if that’s the case, why immunize your kids. It doesn’t make sense. I bet you guys think that breast feeding is bad and that formula is the best nutrition for your kids. Or you probably gave your infant food from a BPA riddled container or bottle. Hey you can give your kids whatever poisons you’d like, but some of us question whether the masses are right or if it’s just big business trying to make a quick buck at the expense of helpless kids and lazy, uninformed parents. FYI, my unvaccinated child hasn’t ever been sick and he also doesn’t suffer from allergies, headaches, earaches, chronic colds. Nor did he require having to get tubes in his ears or any of the other crazy things that a child whose parents blindly listen to a pediatrician without questioning what he’s doing. You guys really need to wake up. Our doctors and governments aren’t always right. Sometimes they are just selfish and greedy and willing to spin whatever lie they want to make the masses agree with them. It’s PR 101. It keeps doctors busy and makes wealthy pharmaceutical companies that much more wealthy. And it’s worse than herd immunity, and herd stupidity.

    • DocAmazing

      “Well educated” in this context means “just educated enough to seek out opinions that tally with their flavor-of-the-month health practices”. When one starts to confront them with statistics and epidemiology and immunology, they tend to act dumb.

      • DrDick

        Speaking as someone who has taught college for over 20 years, “educated” (especially if we are talking MBAs) is NOT the same as smart.

        • G W Bush

          I see what you did there ….

  • Joe Kopena

    The Penn & Teller video linked early in the comments there is amazing, and I think captures the “debate” very well.

  • Ignobility

    Whooping cough is on the rise here in North Carolina, too, as I imagine it is all over the U.S.

  • I’ve been consistently amazed that the posts here attacking the anti-vaccination idiots have never attracted them to come on the attack in comments.

    • DocAmazing

      Ah, but they used to. Two or three years ago, we’d get anti-immunization types rushing to defend their ideas–and running face-first into sticky things like microbiology and immunology and rates of appearance of a given disease over time with and without immunization being present. The closest any of them came to carrying the idea forward was a person who had suffered through a bout of Guillan-Barre syndrome that may or may not have been vaccine-associated, and even that worthy did not want a measles outbreak to sweep the country.

  • Neill Brower

    What Emma said. Also, the vaccine doesn’t always “take,” which increases the importance of herd immunity. I recall hearing that herd immunity for diseases like whooping cough is somewhere north of 90%.

  • REV. D.D.B

    I think all of you are idiots. You would not need an immunization if you had a superb immune system.
    Then again, you are all probably a product of incest, had too much sodium floride ingested in your system, ate too much genetically modified foods, taken too many drugs, or GOD does not love you enough. I HAVE NEVER BEEN VACCINATED AND I AM HEALTHIER THAN THE AVERAGE PERSON. I HAVE NEVER HAD A DISEASE; THEREFORE I COULD NOT HAVE SPREAD A DISEASE. DID I FORGET TO MENTION I HAVE NEVER SUFFERED FROM THE 863 STRAINS OF FLU.

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