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Buck Up or Stay in the Truck!


When Taibbi’s on there’s no political journalist who makes better reading, and the white conservative Republicans re-branded as the “Tea Party” inspires some of his best work.

After you finish it, you may want to read Douthat’s recent assertions that the teabaggers are just as mad at the Republicans and have a principled belief in “fiscal rectitude,” which is definitely good for a few laughs. Omitted: an explanation for why this nonpartisan belief failed to manifest itself when fiscally incontinent Republicans actually controlled the government.

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  • Halloween Jack

    I’m not saying that Taibbi doesn’t have his moments, but starting out an article about the Tea Party by talking about how many of them are on Medicare? Um. Not exactly an original observation.

  • Davis

    I heard a few conservatives complain about Bush’s discretionary nonmilitary spending, which rose faster than under Clinton, but they didn’t lose their shit over it.

    Too many liberals seem to be afraid of offending the oppressed whites in the Tea Party, searching for meaning, blah, blah, blah. Taibbi nails it, and nails it well.

  • Law Prof

    Buried deep in the anus of the Bible Belt, in a little place called Petersburg, Kentucky is … the Creation Museum

    For better or worse, Petersburg is not “buried deep” anywhere. It is actually 15 minutes outside of Cincinnati, Ohio, in the fairly prosperous suburbs of Northern Kentucky. The article is entertaining and probably mostly accurate, but I’d have more faith in Taibbi if he didn’t take such poetic license.

  • Xenocrates

    Original or not, I think it is terribly important to point out the cognitive dissonance of many members of the Tea Party. The truth is the best weapon we have, but we have to fight against GOP lies and fabrications. And please, please, PLEASE, go out and vote in November. Just to make Politico cry…

    • Brad Potts

      Vote for who?

      Both sides are basically conceding that the candidates they support aren’t going to do what each respective side wants them to do, but are so desperate to stop the otherside that they don’t really care.

      Should I vote for the side that says we have to stop taxing large economic institutions so that they will create jobs and won’t cut spending even though they promise to, or should I vote for the side that says we have to keep giving large economic institutions tons of money so they will creat jobs and won’t increase spending even though they promise to?

      • Scott de B.

        Well, the left at least has the argument that the things they want to do are actually possible, unlike the Tea Partiers.

        • Brad Potts

          Granted. Doesn’t mean you have anyone to vote for if you want to see them done.

      • LS

        Easy. The Republicans will give lots of money to big private institutions in the form of tax cuts. How exactly do the Dems propose to do so? Remember that the last infusion was designed and structured by the Bush admin, and passed by a Dem congress unwilling to allow a total economic collapse despite being less than thrilled about the options they were presented with under emergency conditions.

        • Brad Potts

          I’m not sure you have been paying attention.

          Healthcare reform got stripped down to basically a plan that cements and subsidizes the current big healthcare industry system we have now in exchange for getting them to stop morally reprehensible activities.

          Financial reform basically amounted to telling the banks provide a better group of lackeys to figure what our regulatory scheme should be.

          Mainstream democrats are almost universally neoliberal with a shade of Keynes. Obama himself cannot stop himself from expressing his love for the “free market”, and everyone knows that when a politician says “free market” he means “corporate interests”.

          There are a few democrats who don’t prefer to solve the economic problem of the month by giving a chunk of money to banks or corporations and expecting them to figure it out, but don’t expect a vote for them to do much good.

      • John F

        Vote for who?

        I see 2010 more as a matter of vote against, and as I agree with about 95% of what Taibbi wrote regarding the Tea party you can easily infer who I am voting against…

        not that it makes me happy about whop I’d have to vote for in the process.

  • Malaclypse

    Off topic, but wow.

    Umatched [sic] tactical elan, clearly.

    • Davis

      Wow is right. He then dated a commentor to call him a racist to his face. I am very tempted to fly out to Orange County and see what this racist pig is made of.

      • Davis

        Dated? I clearly meant dared.

      • Jay B.

        But you see, ha-HA, the Donalde is black.

        And Long Beach is in LA County.

      • Spokane Moderate

        …see what this racist pig is made of.

        The photo at Sadly, No! suggest he’s made of heroic quantities of donuts.

  • I’m truly sorry Matt and Scott, but I only managed to get through the first page (until the first page break) of Matt’s dead normal drivel. I didn’t see a single observation many others have not expressed many times before. For this he gets RS’s handsome writer’s fees and in this case probably a serious amount in expenses (not padded, of course, writers and others never do that). And then the howler, in a magazine with a cover date of 10/15 (yes I know that’s a pull-by date, but I also know in RS’s case that means it’ll be on newstands from roughly this coming Friday until the next one shows up). Ok sorry, the howler: Rand is creaming Conway. Uh, no, unless you’re a fan of internal Republican polls or generally Repub favoring polls. The biggest paper in the state has them tied as this morning and close before. Never print old poll results unless you want to be another Dewey Defeats Truman. Sorry, I hope based on Scott’s comment. I keep hoping Matt will someday live up to his awesome rep.

  • Good. The S.O. reads Tabbi and still tries to claim the REAL tea party is about the bank bailout.

    “They have these commercials down here: ‘You won’t even have to pay for your scooter! Medicare will pay!’ Practically everyone in Kentucky has one.”

    If it’s the company I think it is, it’s been in trouble with the DOJ for ages and will soon be out of business.

  • Scott: I’m a tea partier. Have been since 4/15/09. Have written about it numerous times at Pajamas, and endlessly at American Power. I’m not white. And many, many of the folks I tea party with are not white. You, Taibbi, and most folks on the left know not a fucking thing about the tea parties. What’s clear now is that we are kicking your ass. New polling shows 7 in 10 identifying with the movement. The racist card is dead. And the Obama-Gangsta-Demo-Socialists will be dead November 2nd. (And as an aside, I’m not happy you’re sending attack trolls to my comments to call me a racist. Call them off.)

    • mark f

      “The racist card is dead.”

      Don Rickles died?

    • Anonymous

      As for tea-Baggers, I’ve been surrounded by them since birth. The same grousing I hear now pops up every time a Dem is in the WH. When your guy is in power, nary a peep about big gubmint and deficit spending. That’s cool, but sorta’ hypocritical. No matter. You folks are in the splinter minority whose voice will be heard by the MSM till the novelty wears off and then they’ll spend more time chasing celebrity gossip. So, enjoy your minutes in the limelight since your time is about up. Then you can return to the obscurity of the other know-nothings of history where you belong.

    • Captain Splendid

      The racist card is dead. And the Obama-Gangsta-Demo-Socialists…

      Fucking priceless.

      • DrDick

        He really is trying to kill irony through the death of a thousand cuts.

        • Holden Pattern

          Only because his wild slashes are so far off the mark…

        • djw

          Irony is quite dead, but the Donalde drags out the corpse and beats it with a tire iron every now and again just to make sure.

    • LS

      7 in 10 *republicans*. And you’re pretty much exhibit a for the TP = Republican party argument.

      • Some Guy

        “Scott: I’m a tea partier. Have been since 4/15/09. ”

        That’s pretty much all you need to know about him.

      • hv

        Yeah I am quite willing to start wagering serious amounts of money that 7 in 10 Americans do NOT vote tea party in november.

        I’ll give odds, Donald Douglass. C’mon, man up.

    • Anonymous

      Now was that bucking up, or staying in the truck?

      • Left_Wing_Fox

        Thos who don’t jump on the back of the bus will be thrown under then bandwagon. Or something.

      • DocAmazing

        It was upchucking while fucked up.

    • Davis

      And as an aside, I’m not happy you’re sending attack trolls to my comments to call me a racist. Call them off.

      Telling him that it makes you unhappy is not a smart tactic, Mr. Machiavelli.

      • Malaclypse

        While Machiavelli is long-dead, if he were alive, I think he’d like this.

        Donalde, on the other hand, he would just point at and laugh.

    • Jay B.

      And many, many of the folks I tea party with are not white.

      Right. But vastly many, many, many, many-no-backsies more are.

      You, Taibbi, and most folks on the left know not a fucking thing about the tea parties.

      They are an mixture of bought and sold whores and ignoramuses who spout incoherent stupidities on the behest of billionaires and other scum sucking assholes in the name of the little guy. They are legion and they are fucking stupid.

      And 7 out of 10 recent polling my ass. On this magic box called the Internet, it’s customary to link to said “fact” in order to not look like a psychotic liar who may not be racist, but is possibly the dumbest person on the entire Internets.

    • jim

      “Attack trolls” = people who can use basic logic or history to make me look like a dolt.

      Don’t want to keep getting pwned? Stop linking to your fail all the time. Reacting like a colicky infant every time someone proves you’re full of it might not be helping you much either. Also, don’t think that deleting your idiocy will make it go away forever (Google “screencaps freeware” for details).

  • DrDick

    And as an aside, I’m not happy you’re sending attack trolls to my comments to call me a racist. Call them off.)

    Ahhhh. Ain’t that cute. Troll boy is pissed off that somebody else is trolling his threads and pissing all over him for a change. What is sauce for the goose, mofo!

    • Malaclypse

      The funny thing is, I don’t believe Scott so much as posts at S,N, Roy’s, or AmericaNihilist (I may be wrong in this regard. That would still leave me with a better track record than Donalde). I’d assume that much of the mockery Donalde dislikes came from one or more of those places.

      Scott, I am in awe of your power over attack trolls. How do you do it?

      • DrDick

        Better even than flying monkeys!

        • Malaclypse

          That would explain Donalde’s aversion to water.

      • As the head nihilist over at AmNi, I do hereby swear, affirm, and pinky-promise that Scott has never authored a single post at our blog.

        He’s always welcome to, as is any blogger in our blogroll (which is entirely made up of blogs/bloggers attacked as niiiiihilist!! by Donalde, before he went all deeeeemon!! on us, instead), but Scott has never availed himself of the privilege.

        We’ll gladly take credit for inspiring the mockery (in fact, I hope we did), but–contrary to what Donalde KENT Douglas believes–we sign our own names/nom d’ keyboards to our work, and there’s no comment at that “mofo” post of his, trollerific or otherwise, from any of we nattering nabobs of nihilism.

        • hv

          repsac3, DKD will miss most of the layers of mockery in your post, but that does not mean they are unappreciated.

  • Malaclypse

    After you finish it, you may want to read Douthat’s recent assertions that the teabaggers are just as mad at the Republicans and have a principled belief in “fiscal rectitude,” which is definitely good for a few laughs.

    Donalde calls himself a pro-victory Republican teabagger ™. Douthat says the teabaggers are non-partisan.

    Today’s koan is: how can they both be wrong?

    • hv

      That’s a damn good koan.

      I am clapping, but only with one hand, so it’s pretty quiet.

  • STH

    I was irritated by the fact that Taibbi still seems to be falling for the “Ron Paul is a lunatic nutjob but he’s a PRINCIPLED lunatic nutjob” meme. Please. The guy is not a libertarian, he’s a Republican who leans libertarian. Look at all the bills he sponsored in Congress to restrict or ban abortion.

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