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Setting the Money on Fire Would Be More Fun


I’m not going to say that this is the most vapid column MoDo has ever written — the competition is way too steep.   But it’s always worth remembering that our most prominent newpaper thinks it’s worth spending oodles of money to receive utterly incoherent non-thoughts about trivia twice a week on its op-ed page, in a context in which (as her one rational and knowledgale colleague reminds us)  we have some actual problems worthy of discussion.

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  • I normally skip over Dowd’s column but thanks to you I read most of that one. Thanks so much. ;-)

  • dsn
    • Halloween Jack

      That’s our Megan, holding others accountable for imaginary shortcomings in the full confidence that no one will ever apply anything like the same standard for her.

  • dave3544

    Dowd writes:

    She seemed to be gigging her husband a bit: I’m going to do what I want to do.

    I didn’t know what “gigging” meant, so I highlighted the word and the NYT provided a handy automatic link to their dictionary.
    I still don’t know what “gigging” means.

    • elm

      Well, clearly, Dowd is saying Michelle believe Barack is a frog and she is a princess trying to catch him with a long spear. (If this were Althouse, there would be a clear discussion of the phallic overtones involved in gigging and how this proves that Obama is a girly-man and Michelle is the man in the family, but I think that’s ancillary to Dowd’s point that Michelle is a princess and Barack nothing but a meaningless toad.)

      Or, Modo is making up words.

      • Hogan

        urbandictionary.com indicates that she might mean Michelle is giving Obama the finger. But hunting him with a spear would actually be more consistent with MoDo’s overall view of male/female relations among Democrats.

        • elm

          You’re right: I had fogotten it was also part of Modo’s schtick that all Democratic men are really women (John Kerry) and all Democratic women are really men (Hillary Cinton.) (Or should those examples be reversed? I’m so confused!)

          Further proof that she clearly meant “gigging” in the spear-fishing sense.

  • jackd

    Michelle Obama’s trip to Spain is one case where I think I can reasonably imagine getting irritated if a Republican were in office. It plays well into the narrative in which Repubs are plutocrats who don’t care about normal people. I would like to think that, if the shoe were on the other foot, I’d still dismiss it as trivia.

    • Ed

      I hope if it were a Republican first lady I would roll my eyes at the incredible political tone deafness and move on with my life, much as I’m doing now.

      MoDo loves to chastise political wives for not standing by their men. (She also chastises them when they do stand by their men.) I still recall the way she called Dr. Judith Steinberg Dean to account for not abandoning her medical practice and get on a plane to Iowa to attend barbecues with Howard.

  • Halloween Jack

    Shorter MoDo: I’m not married, but if I were and my spouse wasn’t around for my 49th birthday (or any other, or anniversary, or Christmas or Easter or Halloween or…) for any reason, boy would I never let him forget it.

  • Thanks for linking to that column; it will come in handy tonight if I have trouble sleeping.

  • DrDick

    You seem to be operating under the mistaken impression that the purpose of the NYT editorial page is to inform the public. It does happen in a couple of cases, but that is mostly accidental (on the part of management).

    • Halloween Jack

      Well, they did let Paul Krugman have the op-ed recently because David Brooks was on vacation, which is almost exactly like having Stephen Hawking teach your high-school physics class.

      • Red Jenny

        Well, they did let Paul Krugman have the op-ed recently because David Brooks was on vacation, which is almost exactly like having Stephen Hawking teach [Wile E. Coyote’s] high-school physics class.

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