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The Finals


It’s good that I didn’t get around to picks for the conference finals, because I would have been wrong on both. I thought that the Sharks would be very tough once they got out of the first round, but watching them against the Hawks makes you realize that they’re no so much underachieving in the playoffs as that their talent — especially on the blueline — isn’t that impressive. (Although Marleau should be permanently excluded from the “choker” label.) The only caveat I would have had in picking Montreal is Pronger, whose greatness has always been a little undercognized — the more you look at the ’06 Oilers and the surrounding teams, the more amazing he looks.

So because of Pronger, I guess you can’t entirely write off the Broad Street Slightly Unpleasant People. But, still — since despite Pronger I didn’t even pick them to beat Montreal, I can hardly change now, and this might be the biggest mismatch on paper since Avs/Panthers in ’96. Hawks in 5.

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  • Larkspur

    I have dear friends who are only just now recovering from the Sharks’ squashing horrible defeat.

    I find I am interested in most of the various sporting events, and usually favor the home team, but my sports nervous system got blown out by 15 years of living and dying by the 49ers. Now I am pleasantly disinterested. Fool me 2500 times, I won’t get fooled again. Probably.

  • Jager

    Great line about last night’s game…”The best goalie in the building was Tony Esposito”

  • Linnaeus

    As a born and raised Red Wings fan, I can’t cheer for Chicago, but I have no real strong feelings (positive or negative) towards Philladelphia either. I’d love to see this series go seven games, but Chicago has just too much for the Flyers to handle. This could easily be a sweep.

  • Bart

    Looking for some Hawk to break Pronger’s pretty, perky nose. It’s not a hockey nose; and he’s a jerk.

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