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I’ll confess, this is actually pretty amusing. Pathetic, yes, but amusing. Also, it appears that Kaus has found his constituency:

Mickey Kaus has taken out papers to run against California Senator Barbara Boxer. What is so interesting about Kaus is that he takes positions that traditional Democrats might have favored. He is against Amnesty and a strong opponent of illegal immigration. Kaus is also admittedly pretty skeptical of Unions, especially the Teachers Union. He is also uncomfortable with Congressional Gerrymandering.

Kaus became known as a powerful voice in the blogging world with his investigative reporting prior to the election of Arnold Swarzeneggar, where he uncovered Arnold’s claim in a magazine that he had participated in group sex. Later, he also discovered that the current Governor, then brick layer, was damaging chimneys to help his own business. Perhaps we should have listened at the time, and saved ourselves from “The RINOnator”.

Via Greenwald and Digby.

UPDATE [by SL]: That second link is a real find. I mean, “I censored the key word here–the Left never does” — are we sure this isn’t another parody? I especially like the claim that The Left finds Dane Cook funny. Uh…

UPDATE [by Rob]: I demand that the Left step forward and answer this charge of finding Dane Cook funny!

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  • mark f

    What is remarkable is that 20 years ago Kaus would have been a traditional Democrat. The party has moved so far to the Left as to be unrecognizable as the one inhabited by John Kennedy.

    You know, the John Kennedy who would’ve never slept with a woman who wasn’t his wife or appointed a union lawyer to an important position.

    • Jay B.

      I see this shit a lot. Kennedy was farther to the left, especially economically, than Obama. He was maddeningly centrist/incrementalist too — but a New Dealer all the way. And LBJ, of course, was more radical, by far.

      It’s funny, they love to hate FDR but then think that, magically, he and the Democratic Party he made in his likeness were somehow more conservative than today’s milquetoast losers.

      • mark f

        What, like the Scott Brown ad in which he claimed to be just like JFK because Kennedy once advocated cutting the income tax?

        During that race I received a call from his campaign to participate in a “telephone town hall” with Brown. I entered the queue to ask him how soon after elected he’d be filing the bill returning top marginal rates to Kennedy’s 70%, but my turn never came up.

      • Rob

        Obama is to the right of Bill Clinton much less Kennedy.

  • Ginger Yellow

    Doesn’t “traditional Democrat” in this context basically mean “Dixiecrat”? He’s not exactly helping himself with the Kennedy analogy.

    Kennedy assassination – 1963
    Civil Rights Act – 1964

    Also, how do you uncover a “claim in a magazine”? Surely the magazine uncovered it.

  • DrDick

    I thought goats were his natural constituency?

    • DocAmazing

      That, and guys named Kaus.

  • Flavor Flavius Julianus

    Mickey was (more than) willing to debate a goat in place of Boxer but someone got Mickey’s goat.

  • DocAmazing

    It was a bit uncomfortable when the empty lectern won.

  • lige

    I’ll fix it “What is remarkable is that 20 years ago he would have been a traditional Republican. The party has moved so far to the right as to be unrecognizable by the one inhabited by Richard Nixon.”

  • Wasn’t the goats thing actually in response to some weird rumors Kaus was spreading about John Kerry, that didn’t lead anywhere at all? I can’t remember anymore, at this distance, despite being aware of all Internet traditions etc.

  • Glenn

    I was hoping for some wider photos on his brother’s site so we could see if there was more than one person in the audience. Or goats, of course.

  • Ginger Yellow

    “I can’t remember anymore, at this distance, despite being aware of all Internet traditions etc.”

    Have you forgotten the holograms already?

  • Warren Terra

    Sitting in the local library looking at old published interviews is now a memorable feat of “investigative reporting”? Cue Inigo Montoya: “You keep on using that word …”

  • Hogan

    If that’s investigative journalism, then I’ve been doing investigative journalism in my bathroom for years.

  • Sophist

    Reading magazines is the counts as investigative journalism for conservatives I guess. Talk about the soft bigotry of etc.

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