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If You Love Reagan, You’ll Like Field of Dreams.



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  • I refuse to take anyone who thinks Field of Dreams is better than Bull Durham seriously.

  • Not going to fight with Mr Pierce on this one. Like I could win. But I did learn something about the movie recently that doesn’t reflect well on the director but on Ray Liotta. Liotta spent a lot of time teaching himself to bat lefthanded for the movie but the director didn’t like the camera angles and lighting choices that were forced on him by Liotta’s having to stand on the right side of the plate. So he told Liotta to bat right, who’d notice?

  • ploeg

    First thing I asked when I read the lede was “Which one”? Originally, the Lansings owned the farmhouse and the bulk of the field, and left and center field were owned by somebody else. (It was done that way so that the lighting would be perfect.) Left and center field were actually plowed under and farmed until the owner saw the business that the Lansings were doing on their property. Up until a couple of years ago, you had two separate driveways to the field. Apparently the owner of left and center field sold out to the Lansings in 2007 (didn’t hear that until now). And now the Lansings are cashing in.

    So no, there’s not a chance that property’s going to crops anytime soon.

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