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A Minor Correction


While I can’t disagree that Ross Douthat seems to have dedicated his career to proving his thesis about the inadequacy of his education correct, this particular example of reducing serious arguments into silly “Patio Man drives like this, but Grill Man drives like this” categories is in fact a Bobo special; one shouldn’t have even needed to see the byline.

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  • MBSS

    i took that class on the british enlightenment with david brooks. i also sat near him in our soph. year sociology class titled “what real americans think and know.”

    i have to admit that being behind him in class it was unavoidable for me to dismiss his overwhelming masculine pheromones, and lazor-like insight into the minds all americans, from the most elite, to the hardworking, hard scrabble common man, of which he no doubt shared some common bond with. perhaps the bond was simply their shared american exceptional soulfulness.

    sometimes in the salad bar on campus i would peer over at him enviously. hiss poerful aura, yet god-like humbleness set him apart from the rest of the crowd, yet he maintained a connection to each and every one of us, from the tenured professors, to the fellow who scrubbed the toliets in our dorm. his majesty was undeniable, and it has only grown since then.

  • wengler

    I always run into David Brooks at the Applebee’s salad bar. I think it’s in one of the bathrooms.

    • MBSS

      next time you see him in there give him the ol’ foot tappy tap. he has a wide stance and will be happy to see you.

  • MBSS

    *impossible to dismiss.

    the memory still puts me in a tizzy.

  • cpinva

    mr. douthat needn’t have engaged an entire career in his quest, one or two of his regurgitations would have sufficed.

    mr. brooks is an example of what mr. douthat might have been (and might still be), had he only lost his hair sooner.

  • tdcjames

    I’ve always thought this was the last word on Brooksie.

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