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Watching Mike Jacobs up there hacking is almost enough to make me miss Daniel “the poor man’s Ed Kranepool” Murphy….

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  • carlos the dwarf

    bases loaded, no outs…no runs. Complete shitshow.

  • SEK

    I should posted this over here, but it goes without saying that after today (so far), it’s clear: we’re gonna win the World Series!

    • SEK

      Of course, as soon as I post that, Cantu doubles. It’s clear: it’s gonna be 1962 all over again!

  • latinist

    Well, it sure looks like Jason Bay still knows how to play baseball.

  • Scott Lemieux

    Is there a more devastating 1-2 combo in baseball than Little Sarge and Rod Barajas?

    • SEK

      Most likely not. Is it just me, or does Little Sarge look like he’s earning frequent flyer miles with the routes he’s taking?

  • Nancy_NYC

    The Mets look okay and the Marlins look terrible. I hoped you liked the Warren Zevon references by the Mets’ announcers, the best team in baseball.

    • Scott Lemieux

      Yes, was going to add an update about that…

  • Alan in SF

    “The poor man’s Ed Kranepool.” You deserve a Koufax Award for that alone.

  • I just hope he’s not allowed to stink up the joint for very long, considering that the Mets have much better options (Chris Carter for the short term, Ike Davis for the long) waiting for them in Buffalo. Even Murphy is probably better than Jacobs, although I think the Mets would be better off with Murphy playing 2B than 1B. I really, really, really hate this “proven veteran” crap; some guys are given umpteen chances for years based on a single hot streak, and all they manage to “prove” is that the league (or heck, both leagues) has long since figured them out.

    • SEK

      The thing of it is, there’s only one 1B in baseball who’s better defensively than Murphy and he plays in St. Louis. Lost in din of criticism about Murphy last year was the fact that he’s a guy with a minor league track record of hitting who, it turns out, will be an asset in the field. I think Davis is the future, and Carter should certainly be the present, but there’s an argument to be made for cutting Murphy some slack and letting him establish himself as a Hernandez-like guy who’ll hit for average and has doubles power.

  • SEK

    I’m not sure where to post this, so I’ll just dump it here: Frenchie walks in a high pressure situation! These are new Mets!

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