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The “Some Legislator Somewhere” Gambit


You may be wondering where the “Obama is coming for your salt!” idea comes from.    (Other than pure derangement, I mean.)   Apparently, it’s a product of one of the oldest gambits in the hack’s playbook: “forgetting” that in the American system of government any individual legislator can introduce legislation, and then citing isolated proposals with no support as representative of something.  

Falling for some rube-running by a local Fox affiliate, Col. Mustard lets us in on the great salt-banning conspiracy.   Let us examine an exhaustive list of the powerful figures behind this inexorable legislative freight train:

…a Democratic New York Assemblyman

But don’t kid yourself: the fact that one assemblyman proposed an idiotic law that has as much chance of passing as Rush Limbaugh has of being the Green Party’s candidate for president in 2012 means that the federal government is about to ban salt. It’s a very slippery slope! Why, we don’t even have Obamacare yet, and I hear rumors that there’s an large, well-funded movement dedicated to having government bureaucrats force women to carry pregnancies to term…

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  • Morbo

    Wow, he didn’t use “Democrat” as an adjective; color me impressed.

  • fluffytuna

    Note the pizza update in the link, and DO NOT read the comments. Even stupider. Although at least two clearly imply assassination is the solution. I assume that crap is normal in those threads. But I’m bored today. Incoming houseguest flight is delayed. I think I’ll forward the comment thread to the FBI or SS or whatever.

  • Jay C

    Also, WTF is with “making fishing illegal”??

    • elm

      That came from an ESPN column, actually. One of their “Outdoors” columnists apparently misinterpreted a government report that speculated that fishing might be banned in some areas (I think for environmental reasons) as Obama wanting to ban all sports fishing. The misinterpretation was on three levels: it wasn’t Obama, it wasn’t policy, and it wasn’t all fishing. Truly impressive display.

      • eric

        And then the batshit crazy ESPN piece was predictably spread by the batshit crazy right-wing bloggers and ranters (Red State, Malkin, etc.). As an avid recreational angler and red-flag waving socialist, I found the episode simultaneously hilarious and disturbing.

  • Um. Yeah. I’m not sure it would be a good idea for Repubs to engage in nut-picking.

    How does that phrase go? Something about bringing a pointy stick to an all out thermonuclear war.

  • dave3544

    A Republican Oregon state Senator included the tidbit that in New York they were considering banning salt in restaurants in his newsletter about government tyranny.

  • arkenhill
    • Well, it would…if the FDA was proposing a ban on salt. Since they’re not, but rather are proposing a modest reduction of sodium in pre-processed foods, I have no idea what this has to do with anything…

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