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At Least We Have the Shameful Joy…


I don’t know if I could have taken a Tennessee championship.

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  • aparets

    that’s the best video i’ve seen all year.

  • Stick

    I am fascinated by your strange hatred of the Vol Nation… but we can forgive you for your lack of vision.

  • jammni

    How about some love for The Spartans & Izzo? I knew they would make the Vols cry today, and maybe even puke into a pumpkin.

    Go Green!

    • witless chum

      Go White!

      I never knew Tennessee was so hated in the SEC. I guess it makes sense, in a Soviet-Nazi war kinda way.

  • wev

    Fascinating! I know nothing about the teams but, considering some of the vocal politicians in the state, this video seems quite inspired.

  • fluffytuna

    Wonderful video, and I love the article, nuanced argument. Worthy of the very high standards of LGM.

  • Bas-O-Matic

    Imagine being a Memphis fan facing the prospect of there being a championship game between Kentucky, led by the coach who so gracelessly left your school in the lurch, leading a team whose best players were supposed to finally bring you the National Championship you have desired ever since Bill Walton broke your heart, and the Vols, the in state rival that hoovers up all the state education money, that has an athletic budget that rivals some countries’ GDP, the team that ended your drive for an undefeated regular season two years ago, whose fans annoyingly refer to your school as a “little brother,” but has nonetheless never had the men’s basketball success that your plucky little “commuter school” has, that has never before this year gone farther than the Sweet Sixteen, but now has a chance to get the National Championship you have desired since Bill Walton broke your heart before you do.

    It’s been a good weekend for Memphis fans.

  • gunther

    “It’s that puke, inside of a pumpkin orange- and I don’t like pumpkins…”
    thats rock solid reasoning and comedy gold

    • Robert Farley

      It may be the single funniest line in the history of comedy.

  • Acorvid

    I feel sorry for this poor guy, being conflicted, as he is, about his feelings towards Tennessee.

  • modH1N1

    i think we’re all concerned that he doesn’t communicate with us how on he really feels about tennessee

  • Desert Rat

    Better a Tennessee championship than seeing Coach K’s smug face in another Final Four. God, I hate Duke. I hate the alumni, the fans, players, the coaches, the cheerleaders, the arena. I even hate the unrelated noble title by simple name association.

    Please, oh please spare us another Duke title, somebody…anybody?

    • witless chum

      Absolutely second this. Although go ask Illinois fans about Bruce Pearl and you might get a different answer.

    • Boudleaux

      As Duke alums, we’re used to the bitterness of those that are lesser than we.

      We don’t dance, we don’t showboat. We just show up and play our asses off every play.

      But that never slows down the flow of the Haterade.

      I liked Tennessee this year just fine.

      And as for KY:


      You suck!

  • parsec

    Said the ‘Bama guy, not content with a national football championship. A sore winner?

    • cj

      This video was made well in advance of Alabama’s most recent title. It actually dates from a few years ago. The TN-Bama rivalry goes back a long, long time, and is heated to say the least.

      The “low down, dirty snitches” line is in reference to Tenn.’s former football coach, Fulmer, who provided the NCAA with some information pertaining to infractions committed by an Alabama football booster. Many among the Alabama faithful hold Fulmer ultimately responsible for the ensuing decade of penalty-induced mediocrity. Of course, the better culprit would be the booster who paid the football coach $200,000.00 to direct a recruit to Alabama, but then college football is a venue for passion, not logic.

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