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More (Against the New Target) Please


As Ezra says, this probably sums up the case for Biden as well as anything:

In theory, his knowledge of foreign policy and refreshing willingness to take the fight to Republicans should be somewhat undermined by his vote on the war. But in the strange calculus of the Beltway media, being wrong about the war seems to give you more foreign policy credibility…

…Benen is also relieved. Cohn expresses happiness rather than relief here, as does Publius. Tomasky is less enthused; I think he overrates the extent to which Bayh would have put a lock on Indiana, and Bayh is worse in every other important respect. “Ready to govern from the start” is the bottom line for me.

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  • The only reasonable case I heard was from people I know from Indiana who assured me that Bayh is so hugely popular there that it would make Indiana a lock for Obama. Maybe, but I remained unconvinced.

  • Mike

    Biden’s expression at the end of that clip is priceless.

  • Tomasky:
    Biden’s state of Delaware borders Pennsylvania, and Pennsylvania borders Ohio.
    This is really stupid.

  • What do you mean? Ohio borders Michgan! And Kentucky! And West Virginia! Which borders Virginia! Which borders North Carolina! Which is pretty close to Georgia! Obama has the election wrapped up!

  • DocAmazing

    …the thighbone connected to the kneebone, the kneebone connected to the shinbone…

  • Funkhauser

    Whispers among friends on the Hill that Bayh is three bulbs short of an unlit chandelier. In the dumb, not the crazy, way.

  • Mike

    Ohio borders Michgan! And Kentucky! And West Virginia! Which borders Virginia! Which borders North Carolina! Which is pretty close to Georgia!
    Which borders Armenia! Which borders Iran!

  • Davis X. Machina

    The populous end of Delaware is part of the Philly TV/media market. That end of PA will know Biden pretty well.
    Ohio — that’s a stretch.

  • elm

    And Biden’s from Scranton. Then again, I always laugh at the claims that Romney can deliver Michigan because his dad was Governor there decades ago.
    The “Biden delivers Ohio” line kind of makes sense from a demographic rather than geographic standpoint. Biden does seem to be popular among blue-collar and older voters, where Obama is (relatively) less popular. The former does help in Ohio and the latter does help in Florida, but all this assumes that the VP pick makes that much of a difference.

  • Biden is glib and (hopefully) more willing to be an asshole and go on the out and out attack, which the ever-so-polite-Harvard-Law-Review-President (and MY college classmate) Obama doesn’t seem to be willing to do. The Beltway/Village chattering asses like him… and why not? He is like Tim Russert elected to the senate… personable, moderate, bland, utterly devoid of substance…
    The DelMarva Peninsula is a dagger pointed at the heart of the Carolinas…

  • mjd

    He’s also not thinking “well, if this doesn’t work I can run in 4 years.”

  • Looks like the centre loves him. And why not? A corporate warmonger who makes it impossible to slam McCain on age is exactly the ticket for most “liberals”. Still, he isn’t Bayh, so he has one big plus at least.

  • Redbeard

    It’s worth considering that when Biden no longer represents Delaware but the whole nation, he won’t toe the Delaware Credit Card Industry line anymore.

  • kid bitzer

    “who makes it impossible to slam mccain on age”
    by which you meant, i assume,
    “who is ideally positioned to slam mccain on age”.
    and who will relish doing it.

  • Warren Terra

    What kid bitzer said. Biden wasn’t my first choice, or my third, though I like him over Bayh and Kaine. Biden’s history on drugs and other criminal law, on bankruptcy, and on war aren’t fantastic.
    But he’s six years younger than McCain, and he’s running to be the backup, not the principal. If age were to affect Biden’s workload or worse his reasoning ability, he could be replaced a lot more easily than could the President, and he could step aside in 2012 more easily, as well.

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