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Kaus Calls Me Out


Having been in possession of the following incendiary clips since last week, I have agonized over whether to subject the fair readership of LGM to the blistering visage of Mickey Kaus. I had decided that whatever value the clips had didn’t fully make up for the fact that our dear readers would have to, well, pay attention to Mickey. But now it appears that I’ve been called out; Mickey is implying that I’m not blogger enough to post clips of him getting his ass kicked by Jon Alter. As always in war, it is the civilians who suffer:

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  • monkey.dave

    “The number one Mickey hater in the blogosphere.” — M. Kaus
    You totally have to put that on your business card.

  • Evan

    Oh snap!

  • John

    wow, the number one Mickey hater in the blogosphere. That’s a high honor.

  • Incontinentia Buttocks

    Well, that was a let-down.
    I was told there would be goats…

  • Philly

    Kaus’s face embodies his personality: thick, mouth-breathing, and squinty.

  • Mike

    And if Kaus dared you to jump off a roof….

  • mjshep

    Mickey Kaus??
    He’s still alive??
    Oh, the horror!!
    I’m a civilian, and I have suffered.

  • The world is divided between people who hate Mickey Kaus… and people who have never even heard of Mickey Kaus.
    And goats, I suppose.

  • And goats, I suppose.
    And the one goat who has never heard of Mickey Kaus.

  • DivGuy

    I hate to say it, but Mickey is right in that clip that Jonathan Alter was about the worst possible messenger for an anti-Mickey argument.
    Alter is a despicable neoliberal war-supporter who spends most of his discussion with Mickey re-asserting his undying hatred of actual unions, and then attempts to claim that he supports unionization on some abstract plane, and Mickey should as well.
    The reason that, for the most part, people stayed away from these links is that Jonathan Alter had about the simplest job in the universe – arguing that Mickey Kaus is a dishonest hack and a crypto-reactionary – and he barely broke even in the debate. It was depressing to watch.

  • kth

    Actually, the anomalies are non-wingnut bloggers who don’t despise Kaus (Josh Marshall being one of those rare birds).

  • DivGuy

    “That clip” being the one that Rob linked to, not the two embedded here.

  • John

    Yeah, Alter’s a poor messenger. “You’ve been going easy on President Bush because everybody else is beating up on him..”
    “‘I’ve been doing too many pro-Obama articles lately. I need to branch out.”
    Oops! I may have been making too much sense! I need to balance it out with some inanity!

  • cynic

    Yes !! Yes !! More !!
    Post more clips of two bald Jews haggling !!
    This is why I bought my new gaming laptop !!

  • Yadda

    Mikey’s face really tells you all you need to know about him.
    It ain’t pretty.

  • Gentlewoman

    The number one Mickey hater in the blogosphere.
    Time for an updated CV!!

  • So what happened to K’s reply?

  • please stop making me have to look at mickey kaus. kthx

  • jackd

    All due respec’, Rob, but clearly Kaus is trying to downplay the quantity and quality of his detractors. Surely Roger Ailes has to be in the running for top Kaus-basher.

  • Redleg

    Does Kaus have brain damage or is he on some kind of drug that links his higher cognitive functions to his rectum?

  • jmt

    Kickey Maus reminds one of a hemorrhoidal aardvark…

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