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The Flip Flopper Flops


Romney’s out for the good of his party (or so he says).

In the NY Times article about his exit, the reporter says that in New Hampshire, McCain cast himself as a straight-talker, in contrast to Mr. Romney’s “flexibility.”

Definitely the best euphemism I’ve heard today.

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  • Too bad my friend’s decision to cross party lines and vote for Mitt to keep him alive failed (she wanted to keep the internecine battle going). Still, at least we know that Mitt’s last gesture was as big a defence of the country as his sons’ decision to get on the campaign bus. With patriots like that, we need have no fear.

  • bobbo

    If there’s no one in the race with shoulders broad enough to land a 747, what’s the point? Might as well just roll out the red carpet for the terrorists.

  • Jay C

    I especially liked the “surrender to terror” parting-shot the Mittster tacked on to his concession speech: real classy and statemanlike.
    Too bad that crap will probably look mild by the standards of what the GOP will throw in the general….

  • It’s up to each one of us patriots now to pitch in and do what Romney wanted to do for the good of the Homeland . . . which I guess was . . . um . . . er . . . oh, yeah, march us proudly backwards to the future, back to those blissful days before those annoying 60s happened.
    His view (and other right wing religious kooks)is satirized hilariously in “The Department of Homeland Decency: Decency Rules and Regulations Manual” just out from Three Rivers Press. “The president must always be depicted as smart, tall, muscular and handsome unless, of course, he is a weak-willed Democrat” is one rule. More at http://www.homelanddecency.com. Check it out. It’s hilarious.

  • Man, I miss the smell of aqua velva. If only Fred had stayed in. Those terrorists wouldn’t have a chance. Still, as long as there’s a manly crotch to be sniffed, I know Chris Matthews won’t go hungry.

  • cornbread

    time for mitt to strap the family dog on top of the car and head home.

  • Chicagojeff

    Mittser got called by the new head of the cult to comeon home for re-programming. The kids are happy because they thought that they might actually have to work for a living. Flip Flop Romney can now go get the smile surgically removed from his grill..

  • BigHank53

    I was actually looking forward to more gems of wisdom from the lips of America’s first perfectly extruded presidential product. Now it’s just a matter of counting the days until the various right-wing trogs get over their sulks and decide that McCain’s the greatest candidate since the Gipper.

  • Mike

    “Nothing in his campaign so became him as the leaving of it.”
    Actually, not. Same old shit.

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