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Friday Cat Blogging… Nelson

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  • what I did is from something I had read about Europe and how the Muslims live in sertogagien from the rest of the population and how the Europeans are tolerant’ and accepting’ of them to the point where no European court has jurisdiction over the Muslim community and would not dare to try and pass judgement upon them.Europeans in various European countries are basically seen as not being xenophobes but they have forced the Muslims into ghettos and the Muslims there are not allowed to take any of the good jobs. I don’t want that kind of tolerance in America. Somebody HAS to make a judgement upon what is extreme and what isn’t at some point. I did not mean for my remarks to be taken as being totally in support of the rightie’s entire catcheism, or even that one part of it because I’m not.Seeing more than one side of something and playing Devil’s Advocate can be a good thing because of the learning that can take place.I just wish I had more faith in our government to keep out those that don’t, as you say, get that we will not tolerate certain behaviors.Not everyone in America receives justice as you imply and we aren’t all equal under the law, although we should be.My son got punched in the face when he was sixteen. We ended up rushing him to the emergency room where he had to have several thousands of dollars worth of plastic surgery to reconstruct his face. We sued, but the judge found both boys to be equally at fault and dismissed the case. Later, when my son was in the military, someone in his unit threatened him. His commanding officer told him to stand down but he wouldn’t and I don’t blame him after what he had been through. He got kicked out of the service because of it. America is not a perfect place where everyone is treated equally nor should it be because things are not completely black or white. It isn’t equality under the law that I want, its justice.

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