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Good Times


Hey, man . . . remember that time that Secretary of State dude showed up at the United Nations and was all, like, “Man, these cats in Iraq have, like, a shitload of stuff,” and then he was, like, “we got all this evidence that Saddam is lying and shit, and he’s a bad guy and he’s gotta go, and you cats have to help” and the whole world was all like, “Woah, man, that’s some heavy trip you’re laying on us here, can we, you know, like, think about this a little bit?” And then the President got up in everyone’s grill and was like, “Fuck off, man — we’ve gotta smoke these people pronto, or else they’re gonna start hatin’ freedom WMD-style.” And then the whole world was kind of looking at each other a little bit and saying, “Hey, Mr. President guy, chill — take some vitamin C and drink some water, man, ‘cuz you’re kind of freaking us out here,” and the President guy was like, “No, man, I’m cool, I’m cool,” and then that snarly bald guy with the heart problem was all, like, “grrrrrrrrrr,” and we just bugged out and said, “Ok, ok, we believe you a little bit,” even if we really didn’t, because after all that classy military dude had gotten on TV and swore to God that Iraq had all this shit that — you know — scared us and shit?

Remember that?

That was four years ago today.

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