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No title will do this justice


Shorter TIDOS Yankee: “Should I be an irresponsible piece of shit? Allow me to present my case.”


I’m presenting working on what will likely be my last post on the Jamil Hussein/Hurriyah mosque attacks debacle. [ed.– sweet bleeding Jesus, this is good news!] I’ve got some emails out to several sources and the AP itself attempting to tie up loose ends, and I won’t write a final draft until those addressed have a reasonable amount of time to respond.

I did, however, have one question I addressed to all of those I queried, that I’d like to ask my readers as well:

Should I “out” Jamil, revealing his real, full, and complete name?

Now, I have few doubts that Bob Owens suffers from delusions of grandeur and that the actual identity of Jamil Hussein has been revealed to him by a tiny green Martian that only he can see as it floats effortlessly over his right shoulder. Whatever madcap hilarity this might produce, his posts of late have been soaked with an air of self-importance that he has not in fact deserved — constantly announcing without irony that he’s “awaiting Kathleen Carroll’s response” to whatever lightly toasted ideas he’s sent forth into the void; making vague and dramatic references to his “sources” in The ‘Raq; and generally carrying on like an asshole.

This, however, shows once and for all — as if we needed further confirmation — that cracked, wingnut warbloggers will never be mistaken for actual journalists.

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