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Stupid Ideas that Become the Pundit Consensus


Mr. Trend is making sense:

Since when did governments spending money become a bad thing?

If the government is wasting money on weapons programs and military spending while ignoring social needs of its people (health, nutrition, medicine, famine, poverty, etc.), then spending can be justly criticized. But criticism of spending that, by means of international deals, investments, etc., increases a country’s GDP, brings people out of poverty, leads them out of malnourishment, increases employment, literacy, etc., seems ignorant at best. Why is it bad that governments spend to help their citizens? Or, along another line – how do you pay for highways? For the postal service? For infrastructure? How do you offer cheap public university education to your citizens? How do you pay for the issuing of passports so your citizens can travel? It’s not private money – it’s government spending.

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