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Koufax and the Fraud Caucus


The Koufax nominations for best post are up. I’m happy that this post of mine was nominated; it’s one of my favorites. There are lots of good posts here, of course. I’d like to put in a word for Mark Schmitt’s classic “Miss America Conservatives.” Two great points–that Republicans who vote to preserve popular social programs while also voting to make it impossible for the federal government to fund such programs in the long run should be held in far greater contempt than Republicans who are at least consistent and honest, and that one can’t have much respect for Republicans who are across-the-board reactionaries except on some issue that actually affects them personally–in one, both brilliantly made.

And today, of course, we’re seeing another element of the fraud caucus rear its disreputable head: nominally “pro-choice” Republicans who couldn’t be happier about Sam “the Constitution does not protect a right to abortion” Alito being confirmed for the Supreme Court, or who even continue to think that women being maimed or killed by back-alley abortions is hi-larious (with the implicit but wisely undefended assumption that liberals are silly to think that abortion will really be banned much of anywhere when Roe is overturned, despite the fact that abortion would automatically be illegal in more than a dozen states.) Ha ha, “uteri twitch”–what a card! Probably a lot funnier if you don’t have one, though…

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