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One Year


On May 31, 2004, three University of Washington blowhards grew tired of spouting prepared rants at one another and decided to found a blog. For an address, they adopted the word “lefarkins,” a term commonly used in reference toward them by other members of the department. For a name, they chose “Lawyers, Guns and Money,” which was kind of cool sounding and vaguely reflected the group’s diverse academic interests.

Since that time, we’ve been more successful than we could have reasonably hoped. Some thanks are in order:

To other bloggers, especially those who helped us out during the early days. In particular, Josh Canel of Quicksauce, Matt Duss of What is the War, Lindsay Beyerstein of Majikthise, Paperwight, Seb of Sadly No!, Roger Ailes, Digby, Brad Delong, the crew at Crooked Timber, Joel Patterson of Vague Nihilism, Erik Loomis at Alterdestiny, Lance Mannion, Julie Saltman, the folks at Martini Republic, Tbogg, Bitch, Ph.D., Roxanne Cooper of Rox Populi, Matthew Yglesias, James Wolcott, and Russel Arben Fox have all been critical in spreading the word about LGM. I’m sure there others I have forgotten, and that Dave and Scott will rectify my omission in comments or updates.

To our commenters, who have made an invaluable contribution to this blog. Frankly, I can’t understand how some blogs survive without comments. We’ve had several generations of commenters here, but in particularly I would like to note the contributions of Abby, Dave Noon, Jon St, Praktike, Kat (who has been with us from the very beginning), Mojo, Jeremy Osner, Redbeard, Thad, Matt (who inspired me to blog), Lindsay Beyerstein, Terry, JadeGold, Minh (who makes such a wonderful contribution to Friday Cat Blogging), Erik Loomis, Aaron, Iocaste, Anderson, Wagster, Roxanne, Josh Canel, Ralph Hitchens, Irrational Robot, grishaxx, Ben Jones, Patrick, gmack, Alex, Russel Arben Fox, Leo, Barry Freed, MrM, Kirk, cathycab, Incertus, JRD, MJD, anon, Paperwight, Jackdaw, Fledermaus, Oh Snap!, C.J. Colucci, bitchphd, Stygius, battlepanda, Ted Barlow, Chuchundra, Mike, and dozens of others who I can’t remember now.

Thank you all very much for a wonderful year.

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