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Miscarriages are just such a sad thing. We all know people who had them, ourselves, our families, our friends. It’s worth noting, as Jessica Zucker does here, that the cost of miscarriages is not only emotional, but also financial. But what is rarely, if ever discussed, is the financial toll of pregnancy loss, and how […]


On November 22, 2015

For me, heroism is being an abortion provider and helping women with their health care in an age where doctors can be murdered by extremists for providing this care. Such as Willie Parker: In public h

On Free Tampons

In General
On August 13, 2014
Earlier this week, Jessica Valenti suggested in a column that tampons should be free. I had never really thought about this before, being a guy and all, but it is self-evidently obvious that she’s correct. Menstruation is an issue, like much with our bodies, that the government should step up and provide the basic medical […]
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