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James Holmes asks us to crowdsource a name for China’s “it’s new to you” aircraft carrier, having correctly noted that “ex-Varyag” is getting old: Our friends in Beijing are evidently having a hard time settling on a name, though. Shi Lang, for a long-ago conqueror of Taiwan. When word got out, the ensuing uproar apparently convinced […]

PTJ: And: what will be the Khan-equivalent in this re-imagined Star Trek — the moment that makes the optimistic humanitarians confront the consequences of their attempts to be merciful? Why not&

The New Star Trek…

On March 29, 2009

I’m trying to reserve judgment, but there’s a fundamental conflict that I just can’t get around with regards to the latest Star Trek. William Shatner’s James T. Kirk is one of


Is There a 9th Level Cleric in the House?

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On March 4, 2008
I can’t find a news report about it yet, but the buzz is that Gary Gygax, founder of Dungeons and Dragons, passed away this morning. I played my first game of D&D at the age of eight with the basic rule set, and in the twenty-five years since have played on and off throughout the […]
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