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Four Not So Little Girls

In General
On September 15, 2012
Angus Johnston with a provocative post commemorating the 49th anniversary of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church bombing in Birmingham. First, the girls who were killed that day weren’t small children. They were adolescents — three were fourteen years old, and the fourth, Denise McNair, was eleven. They were kids, but they weren’t the little kids […]

Remembering Slavery

On December 29, 2011

Excellent Peter Birkenhead piece at Alternet on the exclusion of slavery on private plantation home tours in the South. Slave cabins are being turned into spas and restaurants rather than spaces of re

I am intrigued by Matthew Frye Jacobson’s project to create a modern archive by collecting materials and interviewing people about present-day events. Here’s a write-up about it. Jacobson, most noted as the author of Whiteness of a Different Color, and Roots Too: White Ethnic Revival in Post-Civil Rights America is a historian who has moved […]
In a response to the growth of ethnically-oriented museums on the National Mall, Rep. James Moran (D-VA) supports the creation of a museum dedicated to the American melting pot as an alternative. Entitled the National Museum of the American People, it would celebrate how Americans all came together as one great nation. That might sound […]
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