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The Future

In General
On December 4, 2011
Before I retire from teaching, I wonder if I’ll be able to teach a course called “Lost Environments,” where I tell students about what were once coastal ecosystems that are now under water because of our headlong rush into climate change? I can show lots of pictures of the Everglades and Bangladesh and Louisiana and […]
Elisabeth Rosenthal’s good piece in the Times on why climate change has fallen off the radar screen has received a couple of interesting follow-up posts, including from Plumer. He points to the Senate and the recession as the core reasons for our indifference, but I’m a bit skeptical. Senate rules as currently configured make it […]

Tar Sands Action

On August 20, 2011

In what is being billed as the biggest act of climate change civil disobedience in history, a group of 70 environmental activists, including Bill McKibben and Dan Choi, are sitting-in near the White H

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