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Biden Channeling Stephen Miller


Back in 2017, Democrats were howling about the horrors of the border wall being built by Herr Trump and his evil minions Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III and Stephen Goebbels Miller. Good reason for that. It was evil. Go back and read the comments on the posts here then when we talked about immigration. They were righteously indignant about it. And everyone was correct to feel that way.

Fast forward to 2023. Republican governors force Democratic states to deal with a few migrants too. And now Democrats are like, hey let’s build that border wall!!!! That includes Joe Biden.

The Biden administration on Thursday said it would expand former President Donald Trump’s wall on the Mexican border and begin deporting thousands of Venezuelans in an effort to cut down on the migrant surge that shows no signs of abating.

The moves are an about-face by the White House, which is under political pressure to stem the flow of people. Criticism is intensifying among Republicans as well as Democratic leaders in New York, Chicago and elsewhere who say the influx is overwhelming their ability to house and feed the migrants.

During his campaign for president, Mr. Biden denounced efforts to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, saying it was “not a serious policy solution.” But on Thursday the administration said it was waiving more than 20 federal laws and regulations to allow for the construction of physical barriers along a portion of the border in South Texas, near McAllen.

In announcing that the U.S. government would begin deporting Venezuelans who enter the United States unlawfully, the Biden administration was reversing a policy of not sending migrants back to the troubled South American country, where years of political unrest and economic turmoil have driven millions of people to flee. Last month alone, 50,000 migrants from that country crossed the southern border, a record number, and they now represent the second largest nationality group, dwarfed only by Mexicans.

The announcement about deportations came only three weeks after the administration granted a temporary legal status to hundreds of thousands of Venezuelan migrants who had already entered the United States unlawfully. That was an effort to make it easier for those migrants to work and, in doing so, reduce the strain on New York and Chicago, which have struggled to serve thousands of migrants, many from Venezuela.

But some experts said that in granting Temporary Protected Status, or T.P.S., to a large number of Venezuelans, the government risked encouraging even more migration from the country, and the deportation announcement on Thursday appeared to be the administration’s answer to those concerns.

As it turns out, lots of Democrats are just as racist toward immigrants as Republicans. This is the least surprising thing ever to me, given the sheer amount of pure liberal hypocrisy we see (still love those WE BELIEVE IN SCIENCE and THIS HOUSE OPPOSES RACISM house signs on the east side of Providence in front of $1.5 million homes that wouldn’t send their kids within miles of a public school). Biden has been yo-yoing on immigration like a 1940s kids movie. I have long suspected that he simply doesn’t care about this issue much and so go with the winds on it. To be fair to him, that’s how he handles most of his politics and so when you see the nation embrace unions, Biden can be great on that. But when you see the nation go through one of its frequent anti-immigrant cycles, Biden isn’t going to stand up to it. And also to be fair to Biden, the border wall is an absolute abomination, both in terms of human rights and environmentalism. It’s a disgusting remnant of nationalism and anyone who supports such a thing should be vigorously denounced.

Yes, that also includes elected Democrats.

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