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Deep thoughts, from your moral betters


Support forcing young girls to carry their rapists’ pregnancy to term? One alternative is to just say what you think:

The 10-year-old Ohio girl who crossed state lines to receive an abortion in Indiana should have carried her pregnancy to term and would be required to do so under a model law written for state legislatures considering more restrictive abortion measures, according to the general counsel for the National Right to Life.

This approach has the virtues of coherence and candor, but the drawback that the vast majority of people will think you’re a total psycho. Hence the president of Americans United For Life:

“It would affect her life so getting an abortion would [huge bong hit] NOT BE AN ABORTION AT ALL, MAN.”

I assume all rational people have the same reaction to this as Swalwell:

I don’t know the answer to this question. But I do know that denying some abortions the metaphysical status of abortions reflects a basic truth: the movement to get bans on abortion enacted and kept on the books in America has always relied on a critical mass of people assuming that THEIR abortions, which they’re getting for the right reasons unlike those other immoral sluts, won’t count. But since the American anti-abortion movement is also chock full of deranged misogynists, the center can’t hold, and hence the dissolution into denial and pure gibberish.

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