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The fine line between wishful thinking and trolling


O. Carter Snead and Mary Ann Glendon (the latter the mother of the “abortion is more restricted in France durrr” argument) have the latest entry in the “Republicans are going to be the social democratic party now, because white people in Mississippi and Alabama are totally going to consider voting Democratic again” sweepstakes:

But Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organizationhas given new leverage to pro-life voters whom the Republican Party can no longer take for granted. These voters should use their newfound clout to demand public commitments to supporting pregnant women and their children. Republicans who fail to meet these commitments should be disciplined at the ballot box — especially since, with the balance of the Supreme Court no longer a deciding issue, pro-life voters may now be attracted to moderate Democratic politicians who are serious about expanding the social safety net and do not seek to promote abortion.

The only appropriate response to this is canonical:

I’d like to note, though, that Chafetz is selling himself short. You see, wishes are totally free. It’s like when you can’t decide whether to daydream about being a famous Hollywood star or having amazing magical powers. Why not — be a famous Hollywood star with amazing magical powers! Along these lines, John has developed an infallible way to improve any public policy wishes. You just wish for the thing, plus, wish that everyone would have their own pony! So, in Chafetz’ case, he should not only wish that Bush would say a lot of good things about democracy-building and fighting terrorism in a speech written for him by a smart person, he should also wish that Bush should actually mean the things he says and enact policies which reflect this, and he should wish that everyone gets a pony. See?

But..hmm, O. Carter Snead, where have I heard that name before? Oh yeah:

This new piece will hold up equally well!

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