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A party of seditionists


Noted Trotskyite Michael Luttig observes that the Republican Party, and not just Trump, is the threat to American democracy:

Luttig’s opening statement for the Thursday hearing shows why. The line making news is Luttig’s claim that Trump developed a “well developed plan” to cling to power illegitimately. He aptly says this would have “plunged” our country into a “paralyzing constitutional crisis.”

But there’s something more important in Luttig’s testimony. He indicts the Republican Party as a whole, not just for 2020, but also for going all in on a future in which election losses will henceforth be treated as inherently illegitimate and subject to subversion.

Much of the GOP, Luttig will suggest, is still wedded to the idea that reversing the 2020 election might in some sense have been a legitimate or at least understandable mission. Many Republicans, he will say, have adopted the principle that a future overturned election might be needed “to accomplish that which the previous revolt failed to accomplish.”

Luttig warns this portends an era of dangerous democratic instability. He says only Republicans can end this madness: “Only the party that instigated this war over our democracy can bring an end to that war.”

The last-quoted statement there is the absolute truth, but alas things are getting worse rather than better. If Luttig were at the beginning of his career he could never have become a federal appellate judge in the first place.

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