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What do you mean by, like, EVERYTHING? (takes massive bong hit)


I dare you to watch all 49 seconds of this without either laughing, screaming in rage, or throwing a small object of some sort:

Here’s what I sincerely don’t get, and I mean I really don’t get it. Jordan Peterson is or at least once was an actual researcher in an actual scienticianist discipline. He knows how it works, in other words. He’s not some random MAGA moron who thinks you make statistics do anything and/or God said it I believe it that settles it. He knows — maybe more properly, once knew before he OD’d on his own supply — that scientific research is a real thing, that’s complicated, and hard, and that scientific models are carefully built up and tested over immense stretches of time by immense numbers of people who are at least as smart or smarter than he is.

And yet.

Meanwhile, you know why you can’t yell “Fire!” in a crowded theater? (BTW I just noticed the other day that the implicit assumption in this hypo is that there’s no fire. The reason the assumption is implicit is that the hypo was developed an ancient culture where it was taken for granted that lying is bad. This I suppose now needs to be explained to the youngs in our own very special time).

Because that lie would cause an unnecessary panic that could hurt or even end up killing a couple of people. But you can do this, with zero legal or even social consequences:

This is shouting out a lie that isn’t hurting or killing a couple of people: the relevant number in this case is already in the hundreds of thousands in this country alone. Really well into the millions when you consider secondary effects.

Why are there no consequences for this? Why is Rupert Murdoch allowed to destroy this nation, and yet sleep safely in his bed at night, knowing that nothing can happen to him, even as his lies poison the wells of public life, as surely as if he were slipping plutonium into them? Why do Tucker Carlson and Alex Berenson continue to walk the streets in perfect insouciance, as they count their millions and the corpses pile up?

Because of “freedom?”

That’s just some people talking.

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