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Lord Manchin Doesn’t Care About Climate Change


Our personal lord and savior doesn’t think climate change is a big deal so he doesn’t care if the planet burns. He can live on his yacht–perfect for a disappearing coastline! Biden’s plans are extremely limited in terms of really fighting climate change. But even that is way too much for Lord Manchin. You can see this Times chart in terms of what Manchin refusing to play along means:

It doesn’t translate well to the screen, but the green line is where we would be by 2030 with Build Back Better and the dotted line is Biden’s goals by that time. The orange line is where we stand now with current projections and the top dotted line is the exceedingly limited goals the infrastructure bill sets. In other words, Lord Manchin is personally getting in the way of the nation doing anything. I mean, sure, yes, Republicans are getting in the way too. It’s not ONLY Manchin. But it’s also Manchin. A bit more on what Lord Manchin’s inaction does:

That’s where the Build Back Better bill is supposed to step in. The version of the $2 trillion bill that passed the House in November contains $555 billion in clean energy spending, including new tax credits for businesses that install wind, solar, geothermal, batteries and other clean energy technologies over the next decade. Buyers of electric vehicles would receive up to $12,500 in tax credits. And companies would receive financial incentives to keep open low-carbon nuclear plants in danger of closing prematurely or to capture emissions from industrial facilities and bury them underground before they can warm the planet.

“You can think of the two bills as complementary,” said Stephen Naimoli, who works on energy and climate issues at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. While the infrastructure law will help nurture the clean energy technologies of the future, the Build Back Better bill is designed to accelerate the use of technologies that are ready today, he said.

When Dr. Jenkins and his colleagues modeled the effects of the House version of the Build Back Better bill, they estimated that the United States would get most of the way to Mr. Biden’s 2030 goal, though the nation would still miss the deadline by about five years without additional action.

Thanks Lord Manchin!

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