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An Oral History of the Blogosphere Episode I: Matt Yglesias


We have started a new podcast project that I have been contemplating for some time. The idea is to create an oral history of the late, lamented blogosphere by doing as many interviews as possible with the remaining Big Names. As most readers of LGM know, we are already starting to lose some of those folks, and so while there’s not necessarily a sense of urgency it nevertheless made sense to start earlier rather than later. We will see how broad this project gets, but my hope is that it will eventually extend beyond the corner of the progressive political blogosphere where LGM comfortably resided.

For the first episode Scott and I spoke with Matt Yglesias, who played a major role in the development of the early progressive blogosphere and who of course continues to tweet and “blog,” albeit by a different name. The conversation ranges widely, from “when and why did you start blogging?” to “when and why did the blogosphere die?” We hope you enjoy, and we certainly hope that you share any ideas in comments you may have regarding the future of the project.

The LGM podcast is now available from a variety of corporate overlords, so please perform freedom by making your consumer choice. We would very much appreciate reviews, whether of the thoughtful written variety or just by clicking on the appropriate star.

And of course the podcast is the most expensive and time-consuming element of the LGM project, so any support is appreciated.

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