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You will never guess where Andrew Yang went to promote NoLabelsUniteAmerica24. OK, you probably already have:

Now, Yang seems to have taken this independence straight to an hour-long interview on Tucker Carlson’s show, that famous breeding ground for novel ideas like Great Replacement theory. The full interview airs on Wednesday night, but trailers for the episode hint at some of its general themes. “We’re never going to make progress if we’re not willing to talk to each other,” Yang says in one clip, “and that’s what the Forward Party is going to be about.”

Yang has founded his own party with the same name as his new book, Forward: Notes on the Future of Our Democracy, as well as his nonprofit organization, the Humanity Forward Foundation. In Silicon Valley, where Yang once achieved very moderate success, that’s called brand synergy.

The thing is, there are two things a third party not of the right can accomplish in the current system: 1)electing Republicans or 2)nothing. That’s it. When America’s most prominent white supremacist and anti-vaxx bingo caller invites him on, he know what he’s doing.

The Constant Onanism Party has a website, and it is hilariously stupid:

But the main reason is structural – the two parties right now control the primary system, which makes it very difficult for any meaningful third party to emerge.  You can’t win races. 

Imagine a duopoly that prevents any effective competition.  That’s what we presently have in the United States. 

Changing this is both extraordinarily difficult yet imperative for our future.  We need to push for open primaries and ranked-choice voting in Congressional races around the country.  This would both diminish polarization by making it so that our representatives answer to the broad majority rather than the partisan few, and enable new parties and perspectives to emerge.  It would make our entire country more reasonable.   

How open primaries will lead to more third party candidates is…unclear, and even ranked choice voting wouldn’t do very much — candidates would still need to get actual majorities in particular districts to win.

I also have a hope for a positive political movement that is not born of rage and demonization, but on optimism and solutions.  This is an inclusive movement.  You can participate while retaining your current party registration if you’d like, as we know that in many locations de-registering would effectively disenfranchise you from your local politics.  Forward is positive and practical.  We believe in people of every political alignment that want to help the country. 

See, we just need a coalition of people who want to help the country! And what will help the country is not actually a matter of intense contestation but is just what Andrew Yang believes. We must solve politics by taking the parties (except ours) out of politics and taking the politicians out of politics and taking the politics out of politics so we can all see that actually I’m right about everything.

As for the “platform,” I stopped reading after “term limits,” which was the second item. This is like Ross Perot with even less content. I’m sure Tom Friedman will love it.

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