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Patriot Pete gets his wings


The Herman Cain Award continues to be handed out on the regular. I found today’s edition to be particularly plangent.

“Highlights” include Slide 5, which consists of a chart that tracks global death totals from various causes between January 1 and March 30, 2020 (I believe in the world of statistics this already has the formal name of the Epstein Fallacy), Slide 10, which posits that tanks painted pink are thereby rendered harmless, and Slide 11, in which Ted Cruz (F-TX) does his thing (forcing businesses to vaccinate employees: good; prohibiting businesses from requiring that their employees be vaccinated: also good). But you may have other favorites in this cornucopia of the paranoid style, 2021 edition.

A question which I suppose Jim Jordan would insist we wrestle with is if it’s OK to sip from the overflowing cup of lefty schadenfreude over the death of people like Patriot Pete, especially given that it’s an especially horrible and lonely one.

Hmmm . . . We may need a blogger ethics panel. True confession: I don’t know the origins of that joke, but it just kind of struck me kind of funny, kind of funny yes indeed, that blogs are still less than 20 years old (Yes I realize that actshully there was probably a blog on Usenet or DARPA or something 37 years ago. I mean blogs as something that are a thing).

Anyway . . . Patriot Pete. I present him to you as a matter of sociological or perhaps psychopathological interest. What emotions his story stirs in you is between you and your relevant confessional deity, if any.

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