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Why are mask mandates so triggering for right wingers?


Check out this video of some nutcase screaming at a county board during a public meeting in West Olive, Michigan. (This is about 15 miles south of Grand Haven on the shores of Lake Michigan, for people familiar with the general area. It’s very white, very Dutch Reformed/Calvinist, and hence quite conservative: Trump got 60% of the vote last November).

I’m morbidly curious about exactly why all these middle aged white guys go ballistic — metaphorically we can only hope — over the extremely tepid mask mandates that are semi-enforced at best in various locales in the USA. As I’ve mentioned before, talk of COVID “lockdowns” in this country have almost without exception been wild exaggerations: Not being able to drink at your favorite bar for a few months hardly qualifies as a “lockdown” in any meaningful sense of that word.

But these guys are being driven literally insane by being asked to put on a mask when they go shop for power tools at Menards.

Something about mask mandates causes them to start foaming at the mouth and screeching about freedom and tyranny and the Nuremberg tribunals (check out the clip).

Maybe it’s just oppositional defiant disorder, which I’m increasingly convinced is an all-purpose explanation for most right wing political beliefs and behaviors from sea to shining sea.

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