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I learned the truth at 17


Has it been this long? Doesn’t seem possible, but the math checks out.

Like everyone I have mixed feelings about the rise of SubStack and the other email subscription services that are flourishing to various degrees, but one thing they do reflect is that the political blog that seemed like an anachronism still has value and an audience. I’ve never regretted keeping this blog going — the community we’ve established here is a rare thing. Thanks for hanging in there with us.

But this is the one day a year where I’m supposed to remind you that this labor of love is also a labor. Rob will have details about the expense maintaining a blog entails as the online advertising market becomes ever more brutal. And of course it involves a great deal of time as well. Which I’m not complaining about! But if you can help us, and ensure we’re never tempted to make this an email blog, we would greatly appreciate it. Thanks again for your support.




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