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US to receive enough vaccines by the end of May to vaccinate all adults


What we have here is a contest between the almost literally incredible achievements of medical science, and the almost literally incredible stupidity and perversity of our right wing politicians and their sheep-like followers. Tune in to see who wins this exciting race!

President Joe Biden said Tuesday the United States would have enough Covid-19 vaccine doses for every adult American by the end of May, dramatically accelerating his timeline but acknowledging the country must still be vigilant against the virus.

He also announced he would direct states to prioritize teachers in their vaccination plans, reemphasizing a commitment to returning students to classrooms amid a confusing administration stance on when and how classrooms can reopen.

The new date does not mean all Americans would receive shots by May 31; issues with distribution and personnel mean it could take much longer for all doses to be administered.

But the speedier estimate, helped along by a new partnership between major US drugmakers, makes for an optimistic target as millions of Americans wait to receive their first doses. The timeline speeds up by two months the administration’s previous goal of having enough shots by the end of July.

There is no reason every K-12 teacher in America shouldn’t be vaccinated by the end of this month.

I can’t even find the words to express my exasperation and disgust with Greg Abbott in particular, and Texas Republicans in general, although the word “Texas” is really superfluous in this sentence.

There are days when all I want the members of the Republican death cult to do is to actually die. Then I remind myself that a lot of them are deluded morons rather than unambiguously evil monsters like Trump and Abbott.

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