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NFL Divisional Open Thread: Coaching trees edition


Good luck with that:

The Eagles are reportedly set to interview the reason they lost Frank Reich in 2018.

Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels will get an interview with the Eagles for their head coaching position in Palm Beach, Florida, on Sunday, according to The Athletic.

According to the report, McDaniels has already started recruiting a staff that he would bring with him to Philly. That will likely be a major point in his interview. The Eagles want vision.

McDaniels, 44, was named the Colts’ head coach in 2018 but then McDaniels backed out, which re-opened the Colts’ search and they landed on Reich, who was the Eagles’ offensive coordinator during the Super Bowl run. Small world in the NFL.

Sure, McDaniels was a catastrophic failure in his first job, and sure he left the Colts standing at the altar having already hired his visionary staff, and sure in year Brady +1 the Pats offense ranked 26th in weighted DVOA, but…wait, he’s being interviewed again why?

The Eagles are also interviewing Eric Beiniemy, but the preemptive spin being put out suggests that McDaniels has the inside track:

Wait…concern about Reid’s coaching tree? Let’s review the head coaching roots of the AFC final four, shall we?

  • Buffalo: Reid disciple
  • Baltimore: Reid disciple
  • Cleveland: started his career in Reid’s program
  • KC: Andy Reid

Yeah, you’d really hate to end up with any of these stiffs. Two Reid disciples also got their NFC teams into the playoffs. Yes, Doug Pederson’s tenure in Philadelphia had a shaky ending, but he also won a Super Bowl (and it’s not like it was a turnkey operation a la Switzer or Seifert.) The idea that Bienemy isn’t one of the best 7 head coaching candidates in this cycle is frankly preposterous. Christ, Joe Brady has gotten multiple interviews, and his sole experience as an NFL OC consists of getting a typical-minus Teddy Bridgewater year out of Teddy Bridegwater. But people will claim with a straight face that Colin Kapernick wasn’t good enough to merit a roster spot in a league in which Nate Sudfeld can stay on a roster for four years despite having no NFL attributes whatsoever, so.

For today’s games, I’ll take the Chiefs-9.5 and Tompa Bay +3.

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